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The Velocity Method is GlobalLogic’s Agile lifecycle management method for distributed software R&D. We have leveraged our experience with over 1,000 software product releases to create a proven, Scrum-based blueprint for developing products across distributed teams. The Velocity Method enables clients to balance innovation, cost, time-to-market and product quality by relying on three strong pillars: well-defined roles, artifacts and communication models.

The Velocity Method’s emphasis on incremental development is what enables GlobalLogic to quickly adapt to changing requirements while maintaining product quality and successfully meeting launch deadlines. Teams work in short, time-boxed cycles that result in a fully tested, potentially shippable product each time. This approach enables clients to present a working demo to their customers and gather valuable feedback that will fine-tune the development process.

When combined with excellent Agile lifecycle management tools like those found in the Velocity Platform, GlobalLogic’s Velocity Method provides the following benefits:

   * Provides a complete traceability matrix and continuous integration framework
   * Facilitates effective communication across distributed teams and provides complete transparency into project health monitoring, risk management and progress tracking
   * Enables product owners to align a product to real user needs and adapt the development process accordingly
   * Runs QA and development cycles in parallel to reduce any lag between the two phases
   * Significantly reduces code defects by enforcing excellent coding practices (e.g., writing adequate automated unit tests for every piece of code)

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