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Agape World Fellowship
Awf logo.png
AWF Logo
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founded 2003
FounderRev. Robert F. Shoemaker
Headquarters Template:Country data US Rochester, New York, USA
Key peopleRobert F. Shoemaker, Founding Pastor
Tilsetts Apostle, Pastor
Geoffrey Plourde, Associate Pastor
Maehoohe, Elder
PeLican, Technical Deacon

Charles Van Buskirk, Secretary

Terri Shoemaker, Treasurer
ParentUnited Christian Faith Ministries
Contact Web: Agape World Fellowship
Reference Year End: December 31
NAICS: 81311
Entity: Corporation

Agape World Fellowship (AWF) is a Christian online virtual reality community founded in 2003. Its stated purpose is to share the Christian message, through a place online where all people, no matter what their belief can come and enjoy a safe "G" rated virtual environment. AWF was especially designed for shut ins, those who may have limited mobility or little to no contact with others. Shut ins are often stuck in their homes and have no set community or place to chat, fellowship, worship or enjoy events offline can come to AWF and do all those things at their leisure. This is AWF's original mission and still is.

The policy of AWF is inclusive, encompassing a wide range of Christian denominations, nationalities, and open-minded non-Christians as well. AWF asks that everyone who comes be accepting of the others who are there for Christian support.

AWF offers a wholesome 3D G-Rated environment for the community to share live sermons; text chat, voice chat; build in a virtual environment; 3d games; building together; praise music & televised Christian entertainment; Bible studies; and/or even the engagement of role-playing stories of the bible through the high-tech 3d environment where it resides.

Christian services are provided every week on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7pm EST. More services are expected to be added in the near future.

There is no cost to join as AWF relies on donations only.

AWF is run by its Board and led by the Senior Pastor.

The Board meets on the first Saturday of each month and the meeting is open to the attendance of everyone.

Each Board member has a vote and thus a say on how AWF operates. The agendas are available at: AWF Board Agendas

The AWF organization relies on its core membership in overseeing, leading and developing programs to benefit all who attend as noted by its Statement of Leadership. To be considered for a position a member must be registered with AWF as a Citizen for at least three months and be a Christian in good standing with the AWF community.

AWF is autonomous and is governed by its Board and though nonbelievers can enjoy the advantages of Citizenship they cannot be members of the Board and they cannot hold any AWF position of authority, and only Christians and are eligible to vote or take on a position. Positions in AWF are both elected and appointed. Fellowship members can attend the yearly meeting and vote for the candidate of their choice.

There is a difference between an AWF Citizen and an AWF Fellowship Member. Anyone, Believer or nonbeliever can be a Citizen of AWF but only Believers can be a member of the fellowship. In order to be clear of the difference, a fellowship is a church, its body is made up completely of Believers/Christians whose chief purpose is to worship God and to spread His Message.

The Founding Pastor of AWF, Reverend Robert F. Shoemaker is credentialed, ordained and complies with the high standards set forth in the terms and conditions, ministry ethics and statement of beliefs of United Christian Faith Ministries, (UCFM) which acts as an Elder or covering.


Members of AWF regularly meet in its online 3D virtual reality environment to communicate through text chat, voice chat, or builds; share special events like games, live radio & tv news & music; read alone or together the prayer & praise boards through walk-path gardens or buildings or from the castle court yard's posters; build; worship together in the 3d virtual churches; and, encourage and strengthen one another's faith.

AWF is a free Christian ministry which welcomes all open-minded people of any age looking for a wholesome chat area. No degrading of others or intentional mischief is permitted which is how AWF is able to keep the area safe for all who attend through the enforcement of the G-rated standards (using a 3 warnings policy enforceable by Senior Board Members upon anyone misusing the environment).

AWF is there for everyone including Christian from every denomination and non-Christians who desire counsel or just someone to talk with. AWF is a place to spend time in fellowship or virtual fun and was created with the intention and goal of providing a location on the internet where support and care can be shared without condemnation and where people can go to find refreshing chat.

AWF quotes 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 in the New American Standard Bible translation of the Bible: "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. AWF holds to Biblical infallibility and acknowledges that its members may differ in their perception and interpretation of Christian doctrine but can fellowship together and worship God in one accord.

AWF not only has its own virtual reality universe but at present is also in several universes, (amongst others, Active Worlds, AW-Europe and Spiral Matrix]) and is looking to expand into others virtual and non-virtual chats online.

AWF has also joined up with City Wide Sites) and their forum XiiGates.

Visitors to "City Wide Sites" can find Bible Resources, Games, New & Updated Topics, Technical Information and More.

XiiGates Forum will also be the location where AWF members, and others from around the world who visit the site, can share Prayers and Praises.

In the (AWF) Agape World Fellowship 3D Chat Worlds a visitor can also find 3D areas with shared Prayers & Praises posted. Visitors to these beautiful areas can go view them either alone or with others in a group, making the time set aside to read the prayer requests & shared praises an even stronger and more meaningful experience and a perfect time for reflection too and for sharing ones ability of prayer with & for those in need.

Building areas can be quite fun too to spend time, either alone, or with others as well, as you can help each other find objects and decide where certain things might look best in what you are building. It is great for meeting people of all ages while having something to do together rather than simply standing around to chat. The excitement really can build there. Visiting other areas that were made throughout the years is fun to. You can find ideas and objects for your own build or find builds someone else has made like churches or reflection areas to spend private time. There is a building instructor and school area for people who wish to learn these skills. You can also communicate through the 3d objects by making either mail to place into mailboxes around the towns built, or sending a messenger object like a camel or dog or spaceship to send a message to a friend as well. Some people with (robot) "bot" privileges can even go further then that with their high tech building abilities.

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