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Name: African Premier Wax Print Fabrics

Address: Room 1, #10, Lane 3899, Shangnan Road, Pudong
City: Shanghai
Zip: 200124
Country: China
Phone: 00862120228200
Email: []
Contact: Eric Zhang
Title: General Manager

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African wax print fabrics are generally made out of 100% cotton, and the styles are, as the name indicates, imprinted with a method known as wax print. The fabrics are prepared to be colored, and the areas that need to remain blank are protected with wax so that the dye doesn't permeate that portion of the material. The rest is dyed, and this technique is replicated right until the entire design of fabric is colored and vivid with awesome and meticulous African traditional patterns.

African Premier is a Chinese producer that manufactures and sells African fabrics since 2003.

African Premier is a expert in premier, real wax, woodin, lace and various other West African fabrics.

They have stores and display rooms in the UK and Africa which are renowned all over the globe for providing the very best superior fabrics at very cut-throat prices! This is due to the fact they are one of the largest manufacturers and dealers in China that deals with African fabrics which allows them to have access to the lowest prices.

Their website is for both retail and wholesale purchases.

For retail purchases, there is no minimum quantity. The minimum quantity for wholesale is 10 items per order, but when purchased can be mixed with different types of products designs, colours and prices. African Premier holds the largest stocks of West African textiles and guarantee you that their prices are unbeatable!