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Name: Afghanistan Financial Services

Address: D-120, Street 13, Karte 4, District 3
City: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan
Phone: +93 796 000 111
Email: []


Afghanistan Financial Services is an Afghan owned and operated private company, with offices in Virginia and Kabul. Chief Executive Officer Sanzar Kakar leads a dynamic team of professionals including affiliates of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Afghanistan Financial Services provides accounting, audit and advisory services to clients in Afghanistan. The firm’s long term mission is to increase both local and foreign investment in Afghanistan by creating liquid financial markets with transparency, efficiency and accountability. Our goal is to focus on implementing the basic building blocks of a healthy Islamic financial system.

The services offered by AFS can be broadly divided into financial advice, financial systems and financial management. Whether your organization is just look for short-term advice, or looking for long-term partnership, AFS is happy to assist. Our highly skilled professionals are well versed in accounting, banking, financing, auditing, financial systems design and development.

Financial Advice

Afghanistan Financial Services offers comprehensive financial advice including setup, registration, licensing, budgeting, accounting, auditing, banking, payroll, investing, taxes and philanthropy, all tailored by years of operating experience in Afghanistan. We advise clients of all types, from individuals to large corporations. We treat all information highly confidentially and will never sell or share client information with anyone. Our highly skilled financial advisors are well trained to know the answer, and will work hard to find out if they do not. We take our work seriously and professionally, and are looking for long term clients that have grown to trust us after we demonstrate results time and again.

Financial Systems

Afghanistan Financial Services implements state-of-the-art financial management technology for our clients. For smaller organizations, we recommend implementing Intuit QuickBooks to instantly create invoices, track payments, and manage expenses. Nearly 70% of users surveyed say QuickBooks helped them be more profitable.

Financial Management

Afghanistan Financial Services can actually manage your finances for our clients, so they don't have worry. We will cover aspects of financial management to ensure a whole picture approach and not a narrow tunnel focus. Afghan laws and regulations change frequently, and we are intimately knowledgably with the details and changes so our clients don't have to be. A very small portion of organizations in Afghanistan have their financial records in compliance with international accounting standards. Our clients know where their funds are coming and going and can therefore make intelligent decisions to grow their business. We want our clients to spend less time in the weeds of paperwork and more time on the things that matter most to them.

Major Projects

Afghanistan Financial Services envisions building a model financial sector in Afghanistan. The private sector currently has the opportunity to leap frog 30 years of lessons learned across the world in nearly every sector. In addition to its customized services of financial advice, management and systems, AFS has selected a number of exciting projects to focus on. These are the basic building blocks of a financial system and AFS is keen to lend its experience and expertise in ensuring the highest quality efforts. Starting from scratch, Afghanistan can build an ideal foundation for the private sector by implementing visionary regulations for market driven services. AFS is looking at the big picture and has identified a number of critical gaps where it can assist.

First, the Afghanistan Central Registry of all Afghan citizens with a unique number is the first step in tracking records to ensure people are accountable. To record and manage transactions, organizations may implement financial management software and access it securely with Afghanistan Online Banking. Third, the Afghanistan Credit Bureau collects individual and organization financial histories together for authorized parties to reference when verifying records. Governments will not be sustainable without an internal revenue stream, and companies need to maximize their bottom line – both can use the services Afghanistan Tax Advisory. Finally, what to do with that bottom line – Afghanistan Wealth Management provides high net worth clients and large organizations with a variety of options to diversify their portfolios, including trading on the Afghanistan Stock Exchange.

Thus, Afghanistan Financial Services seeks to improve financial record keeping of individual Afghan citizens, manage those records within an organization, and then across organizations, before helping to calculate tax and best invest profits for the future. These projects create transparency, accountability and efficiency that will increase both foreign and domestic investment in Afghanistan.