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Name: Advanced Process Combinatorics

City: West Lafayette
State: IN
Country: US
Phone: 765.497.9969
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: Laura Hettinger

Advanced Process Combinatorics, Inc. specializes in software and services to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical pipeline management, warehouse distribution, and large-scale project management. APC's flagship Virtecs product can be used to generate detailed production schedules in the most demanding process applications, reduce labor, inventory, transportation and scrap costs, manage risk, and increase process throughput. Because of APC's integrated approach environmental management factors can be integrated within plans to manage revenue and costs to give a holistic approach to strategic and detailed business planning. New environmental laws can become a source of competitive advantage rather than a major disruption to operations. Virtecs can be used to manage or adapt existing operations or design new ones. The same Virtecs technology can be used to decide detailed product pipeline management plans including which project should be emphasized and how pipeline activity should be scheduled to maximize speed to market under a variety of realistic constraints. Within a warehouse, Virtecs can help minimize labor costs, eliminate picking errors, and provide a new level of customer service. Virtecs helps large projects constantly adapt to frequent changes and speeds project execution even as bottlenecks shift. Virtecs was designed from scratch to be simple to use. Virtecs can be quickly installed and users trained in a few hours to begin realizing benefits. In only a short amount of time, the benefits of Virtecs can be realistically demonstrated on even the most complex processes.

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