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Adtastic Hosting and Internet Services, LLC
Adtastic Hosting logo
SloganInternet Marketing, Web Hosting, Web Design
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=1999|1999]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Edgemont|Edgemont]], [[State_Name:=Arkansas|Arkansas]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Thomas Wright|Thomas Wright]], CEO
Chyenne Morningstar, Client Services
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Web Hosting|Web Hosting]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Web Hosting Services|Web Hosting Services]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 5 (2009)
Contact PO Box 143
Edgemont, AR 72044-0000
[ Adtastic Hosting website]
Reference NAICS: 518210,
Region: [[Region1:=Cleburne County|The OC]]

Adtastic Hosting is a full service web hosting company located in Edgemont, Arkansas. It is an owner operated company that serves small businesses throughout the world.


Adtastic Hosting started business in 1999 providing web design and Internet marketing services. As the business expanded the company moved into becoming a full service Internet services company providing web hosting, search engine marketing, custom application design and ecommerce. Still true to its original purpose, Adtastic Hosting continues to provide low cost Internet marketing, search engine optimization and web hosting and design services to small businesses at the lowest possible cost. The founder and chief operating officer of the company, Thomas Wright, founded the company at the behest of a referral from a personal friend. At the time he had gained a reputation amongst peers as a successful web entrepreneur operating affiliate programs. He had migrated to the Internet in the early nineties as it began to take form commercially and computer bulletin board systems began to fade in popularity. Prior to this he had been a successful operator of a group of networked bulletin boards and began to see his bulletin board revenues diminish as the World Wide Web exploded into the mainstream. His friend came to him and inquired if he could help out a friend that had paid an individual to build a website but was taken advantage of in the process. He helped build a successful website for the individual whom subsequently referred about a dozen customers in the first few weeks of the relationship and from this beginning Adtastic Hosting was born. A need was seen for honest and ethical Internet marketing services, something still prevalent even today and thus Adtastic continues to champion the small business and individual web entrepreneur by providing professional quality internet marketing services.

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