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Ableton Live Tutorial

Ableton Live & Training Course

Ableton Live 8 is an excellent DAW for composing dance music. It has a ton of flexibility and can get your creative juices going within the quest for writing excellent electronic music. Most people nevertheless need a small bit of assist to realize all of it is power. There is a new tutorial course by Medway Studios that provides students the ability to look more than the shoulder from the full production process from really start to end, such as the important mixing and mastering stage.

Join the Medway Studios Ableton Live Tutorial Training Course.

One will learn all of the ins and outs of modern dance music manufacturing including topics for example drum groove creation, music theory, arrangement and sound style. Almost all of the patches used are produced from scratch which gives you a great appear into how to produce your own sounds and rely less on built in presets like many people end up doing. This will give you an edge over other producers as you learn to produce your personal distinct sound.


Taught in mostly video form, you will find over 5 hours if movies to watch along using the included written material which descibes the primary points from the movies for easy reference. An exclusive forum is also set up to ensure that everybody will have support needed for any questions that may arrise whilst taking the course. The course itself is a lifetime membership, it is going to be updated over time to include new tricks and tips straight out of the Medway Studios arsenal of manufacturing methods.

Here are some of the features of the training:

* Setting Up The Session
* Timing Vocal Acapellas
* How To Program Drums
* Music Theory and Composing with Chords
* Sidechaining and Effects
* Programming Basses, Pads, Leads, and Sound Effects
* Arranging a Dance Track
* Equalization, compression, and using Effects
* Mastering
* Bonus Materials

Begin creating better music and have more fun while doing it by signing up to the Medway Studios Ableton Live Tutorial course


I have to say that you made amazing job with those videos. I've seen many courses but what you prepared is the most advanced, detailed and inspiring training of all.And the price is just great for everyone. -- Miroslaw Jurkiewicz

You can be producing music more quickly and more productive now so don't miss out on this chance to enhance your production skills right now. Most of us have minimal time to work on music, you'll be able to get more done and enjoy the process much more with your increased skillset. Not all training programs are created equal as you will find out once enrolling in this Ableton training from Medway Studios. Hope you see you inside soon...