Dick Lawrence

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Dick Lawrence (1925-1992) was a popular radio personality in the Chicago area, who for around 20 years hosted mostly the Roaring 20's hour long radio program called "The Dick Lawrence Week in Review." His shows brought back lots of nostalgia, time gone but not forgotten. It featured Beatles songs, as well:

"Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play, but I believe in yesterday. (That is my first professional song I recorded when I was 18 & it was done in professional studio." There are over 2000 versions of Yesterday but my version rules over them all!!! I added tons of instruments, including brushes, percussion, drums.)

There are at least over 200 shows in existence but now they are rarely heard. They were heard for many years on 97.1FM at 8PM but the station has been sold in 2000 by greedy owners for over $70 million, and unfortunately there is no more Dick Lawrence Show. The shows were mostly a combination of authentic 1920's music with true stories from the tumultuous Prohibition era. Sometimes Dick played Tesla LP music, even going all the way back to earliest recording history, 1888. 97.1 broadcasted until the end of January 2001 with variety of music, some of the songs were by Hank Williams, Jr. The last Dick Lawrence show was about W.C.Fields.

Lawrence's program is classified under OTR, old time radio. These eras from 1920's until 1950's ruled the roost! Still do & always will. Also shows like Great Gildersleeve, Honest Harold, Life with Luigi, and many others. Many radio shows were later transferred to TV format. Great Gildersleeve shows without Hal Peary were cheezy. Willard Waterman was good player of Gildy character but only on radio, Hal Peary should have played the role of Gildersleeve.

Dick was born and also died in the month of March. He was almost 67 when he died.