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Founder Puneet Gupta
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Waterless Technology & Innovative Products
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Clensta is a biotechnology company, headquarters in Delhi, India with subsidiary office in the Netherlands. It is an IIT Delhi shareholding company, established in 2016.[1][2][3]


Clensta was founded in 2016 by Puneet Gupta. The company is a IIT Delhi shareholding company.[4] Clensta is situated at the Biotechnology Facility in the institute. In 2018 company received funds from DST.[5] The idea commenced when Gupta worked in close assistance with a defense start-up where he came across the concern for soldier's personal hygiene & patient’s hygiene to be maintained in severe circumstances.[6] The concept has defined an approach to bathing as it eliminates the rinsing element from water while ensuring complete hygiene.[7][8]

The company has raised an undisclosed amount from Indian Angel Network and other investors.[9] In July, 2019 the company was supported under the Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG), a flagship programme of BIRAC.[10]


The company invented water-less body bath and Water-less Shampoo that removes dirt, dust, oil and grease from body and head. The products ensures that with the use of an average 100 ml bottle of body bath and shampoo will save 350 liters of water, whereas an average human spends 70 liters on a bath with a conventional soap.[11][12]

Awards and Recognition

  • Top 10 Winners at Level NXT Awards by FICCI & CNBC[11]
  • 2017, 3rd Cohort of World Startup Factory's impact accelerator[13][14]
  • Best Healthcare Startup Awards 2018 by British High Commission[15]
  • SME and Start-up of the Year Awards 2018 at ET Leaders of Tomorrow Conclave and Awards[16]


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