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Blood Code is an electronic music dance (EDM) musician from Germany. Blood Code is unique in combining modern electronic dance music with traditional video game music and kawaii culture, thus bringing European and Japanese pop cultures together. Blood Code produces chiptunes with retro video game sound effects.


Blood Code debuted in Germany in 2007. Originally an engineer working at Nintendo of America, he partnered with a Nintendo hardware engineer who had helped make the original GameBoy. With the former GameBoy engineer, Blood Code was able to become an expert at chiptunes and combining them with retro sounds. Many of the sounds in his music were made using the GameBoy, Commodore 64, and NES systems, using modded cartridges.[1]

Track list

Some of the various tracks produced by Blood Code include,[1]

  • Phazon
  • Fusion
  • Image of the Invisible - Remix
  • DADoES
  • Luma
  • This Could Be Love - Alkaline Trio Cover
  • Phazon (Cray Gore Remix)
  • Dr. Tongue's Castle of Terror
  • Rick and Morty - Moonmen (Cover)
  • Phazon (Maekshift Remix)
  • Casino Zone (with Graz)
  • Self Entitled
  • Wratchet and Dank

Blood Code has also performed an official remix of Moonmen by Jermain Clement for an episode of Rick and Morty for Adult Swim TV network.


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