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Ballari is a Foot Jewelry company founded in June 2011 by Salomée Trudel in Montreal. It is present in Montreal, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong-Kong.


Ballari is a foot jewelry company founded in June 13th 2011, by designer and make-up artist Salomée Trudel, who also represents the face and main model of the company. It is specialized in jewelry designed for yoga classes or for beach weddings. Each of Ballari's productions is hand crafted in Bali, and the design is inspired by South-Asian and East-African culture. It is distributed by Aravinda Yoga and Healing Arts center in Montreal. Ballari's feet-jewelry is most of the time described as a barefoot sandal, a toe thong, or an anklet, half way between the shoe and the jewelry.

Salomée Trudel

The founder, Salomée Trudel, has a history as a well-recognized make-up artist, who had a long term partnership with the TV channel Radio des Sports in Montreal. She touched the faces of many renowned artists and celebrities such as, Jacques Demers, Yvan Ponton and Chantal Machabée, and Canadian athletes for the Olympic Games like Alexandre Bilodeau, André Agassi and others. She also worked with other artists from Montreal such as Mahée Paiement Patricia Paquin and Cœur de Pirate. Ballari was born from her passion for esthetics and her love of the human body. She says in an interview on Stretch City Yoga Instructor that she made her first jewelries for Yoga and dance classes in order for women to feel beautiful and relieved while exercizing. Ballari's objective is to create a spiritual peace by working on the body.


Ballari was founded in Montreal, taking its inspiration from the rest of the world. Today, the creations are exported to several countries overseas, like Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.


Ballari takes its inspiration from ancient legends in which it is question of a world revolving around the feminin force. The word Ballari is Indian, and means To be walking slowly. This idea represents the whole concept of Ballari, which is to create a perception of inner balance for the woman who wears it, whether it be esthetically or mentally.


Ballari was first conceived during a Yoga class as its designer felt a leap of gratitude for her body sustaining her. Wanting to add a touch of esthetism, she imagined a foot accessorie, which was between the shoe and the jewl, but which had no sole. But most of all, she wanted to bring back a feeling of connection with nature and mother earth, which she felt as her barefeet met the ground. She had in mind the image of women, walking barefeet on the rich wet clay and drawing its nutriments as a plant. She wanted to bring the cultures overseas from the islands afar to montreal. Today, Ballari is made by such women, living on such islands. Through their hands materialises the culture of the ground, which was passed onto them from their ancesters. Ballari is a fair trade. It gives the chance to the women it employs to stay at home with their children and live an independant healthy life.