Affordable Disney Vacation - How To Take Your Family On A Trip To Remember

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Affordable Disney Vacation - How To Take Your Family On A Trip To Remember By [1]Ian Wilkie

The holiday season is the time when everyone plans their holiday, but one should realize this is when there is bound to be crowds everywhere. If you and your family have been planning all through the year and are finally ready to head off to enjoy an affordable and stress free Walt Disney World vacation, make sure it is not when everyone is on a holiday. Especially around Christmas and New Years, the crowds get unmanageable and all holiday locations are overbooked.

Organize your trip such that you can visit Disney World, enjoy the rides and theme parks in leisure without worrying about whether the Magic Kingdom will be closed down or if the Disney's Animal Kingdom will be open or not. It is only when they reach their limit that they shut down for a while till crowd subsides. So, it is better to be wise and plan a holiday during the off-season.

To leverage your Walt Disney World vacation, you need to have an itinerary and every member should be familiar with the plans being made. If there are children, make sure to keep them informed about your hand phone numbers or find a way to put a beeper on them so you know where they are.

When going in large groups, decide to visit the most popular sections first before crowd gathers, and this way you will save time in standing long queues. Keep a watch on the weather forecast, if it looks like it might get cold, carry winter clothing, caps, sweaters, jackets, shoes, gloves and other essentials. If you are staying at a private villa near the theme park, you can pick up your tickets from there itself. In case you are one of those excited souls eager for a free pass, you need to rise early and grab them before they are sold out. Every detail regarding the theme park needs to be planned in such a way that you get the most of the holiday and get to see Walt Disney World in its true form.

Certain attractions are busy on certain days, for example, Magic Kingdom is busiest on Mondays, Thursday and Saturday; similarly, Disney MGM Studios and The Sorcerer's Hat on Wednesday and Sundays. This is one more detail you need to be aware of before getting ready for your relaxing and affordable Walt Disney World vacation.

One sight a visitor must not miss is the Wishes Fireworks, now don't worry if you don't get a spot near Cinderella's castle, you can see just as well from various other points in the park. When getting to the Mickey Avenue, you must take a tram tour to see what adds magic to the movies. Or if you love Narnia movie, you can check out the exhibition on how the movie was created and be greeted by the Characters. At the end of the day, when you get back into your villa, you will have a big grin on your face and a Mickey hat in your hands.

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