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Manhattan Elite Prep's origin can be traced to an Ivy-League classroom in 1996. Since the inception, we have grown into a multi-national firm, focusing on helping you achieve the highest GMAT (>>, GRE (>>, TOEFL, SAT, LSAT & MCAT scores with the least amount of time and financial investments. Additionally, we offer assistance with college, business and graduate school admissions consulting, application advisory and essay editing services ( We also offer private tutoring for all K-12 academic subjects including math, English, history and more. Visit us at >>

  • Our GMAT Prep services include in-person GMAT Prep group classes, GMAT Prep online courses (and online recordings), GMAT Prep private tutoring & 1-on-1 GMAT Prep private courses.
  • Our GRE Prep services include in-person GRE Prep group classes, GRE Prep online courses (and online recordings), GRE Prep private tutoring & 1-on-1 GRE Prep private courses.
  • Our TOEFL Prep services include in-person TOEFL Prep group classes, TOEFL Prep online courses (and online recordings), TOEFL Prep private tutoring & 1-on-1 TOEFL Prep private courses.
  • Our LSAT & SAT Prep services include in-person prep group classes, online prep courses (and online recordings), private tutoring & 1-on-1 private courses.
  • Our MBA (business school) Admissions Consulting services include essay editing, interview preparation, application reviews & tailored Dedicated Packs & Elite Packs that offer side-by-side assistance throughout the entire application process. So do our Law School Admissions Consulting services, College Admissions Consulting services, Medical School Admissions Consulting services and general Graduate School Admissions Consulting services.