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Session Start: Sat Oct 08 00:00:00 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[00:00] * bashoh ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[00:00] <Aranda56> some system is over my area that may develop to a tropical storm though the weather channel says expect 30 mph winds with gusts up to 45 mph tomorrow that's like tropical storm :p
�08[00:00] <[You> Aranda56, where are you?
�08[00:00] <[You> ZIP code plz.
[00:01] <Aranda56> Miami
�08[00:01] <[You> According to NHC
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�08[00:01] <[You> Nothing.
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�08[00:02] <[You> There's Hurricane Phillipe in the Atlantic
�03[00:02] * Laura|Away is now known as LauraHale
�08[00:02] <[You> Hurricane Irwin and Tropical Storm Jova in the Pacific
[00:02] <Aranda56> yea right now its nothing but it "may develop"
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�08[00:03] <[You> heh
�08[00:03] <[You> <== mOntréal 
�08[00:03] * [You kisses Fluffernutter then goes to bed.
Session Close: Sat Oct 08 00:03:40 2011

Session Start: Sat Oct 08 17:51:57 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[17:51] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en
�03[17:51] * Topic is 'English Wikipedia: | Up: | Channel guidelines: | Channel operator: Ask in #wikimedia-ops or say !ops followed by the request | For urgent admin help, say !admin followed by the request | No public logging | Cloak requests:�'
�03[17:51] * Set by Logan_ on Sat Oct 08 10:56:21
[17:51] #wikipedia-en url is
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[17:55] <WilliamH_UK> hiya hexy
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�08[17:55] * [You are being watched]
[17:56] <WilliamH_UK> very funny
�08[17:56] <[You> :P
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�06[17:58] * Peter-C pokes OlEnglish
[17:58] <Peter-C> Being old, do you know anything about the treatment of stab wound sin the 1600's
[17:58] <OlEnglish> pfft lol
[17:59] <OlEnglish> no
[17:59] <Peter-C> :(
[17:59] <OlEnglish> and i'm not that old :)
[17:59] <Peter-C> maybe your mother?
[17:59] <Peter-C> :D
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[18:01] <Terran_Wraith> worm_that_turned: Mentor ?
[18:02] <worm_that_turned> let me look
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[18:03] <Terran_Wraith> [You: Derp?
�03[18:04] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:04] <worm_that_turned> I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline. I've got limited time, and I'd spend it on people playing at BNP
[18:05] <Terran_Wraith> Fair enough.
[18:05] <worm_that_turned> *rather not even
�03[18:05] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:08] <[You> Terran_Wraith, yep.
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�06[18:08] * Terran_Wraith has been reassured
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[18:08] <Terran_Wraith> Damn it
[18:08] <Terran_Wraith> I leave new pages alone for one day
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[18:15] <Terran_Wraith> worm_that_turned: Would it be OK if I put your response on WP?
[18:15] <Terran_Wraith> I have to tell Goldblooded
[18:16] <worm_that_turned> I'll do it myself if you like
[18:16] <Terran_Wraith> OK, thanks
[18:16] <worm_that_turned> I'd rather be more diplomatic on WP
�03[18:16] * [You is now known as derp
[18:19] <Demiurge1000> Terran_Wraith: Most commendable of you being supportive of someone from the opposite end of the political spectrum :)
[18:19] <Terran_Wraith> :P
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[18:33] <Peter-C> The treatment of stab wounds in about 1600. The death of the three Henry's of France.
[18:33] <Peter-C> I need that article >:|
�06[18:33] * FunOrb stabs Peter-C
[18:33] <FunOrb> Start writing this down.
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[18:47] <Snowolf> Good morning Mr. Zhang
[18:47] <Steven_Zhang> Hello :)
[18:47] <Fluffernutter> hello to you both
[18:48] <ToAruShiroiNeko> hello Snowolf
[18:48] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf I am guessing you know italian right? :p
[18:48] <Snowolf> That happens to be the case, yes, for I hail from the land of pasta.
�15[18:49] * Dragonfly6-7 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
[18:49] <Snowolf> :)
�15[18:50] * Pesky (~Pesky@wikipedia/ThatPeskyCommoner) Quit (Quit: Pesky�)
[18:53] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf ok
[18:53] <ToAruShiroiNeko>
[18:54] <ToAruShiroiNeko> how does that look to you?
[18:54] <ToAruShiroiNeko> especially news?
[18:54] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: October is in english
[18:54] <ToAruShiroiNeko> yes
[18:54] <ToAruShiroiNeko> because no one translated it yet
[18:54] <Peter-C>
[18:55] <ToAruShiroiNeko> code checks if a translaition is available if not displays english
[18:55] <Snowolf> Yeah
[18:55] <Snowolf> the rest seems kosher to me
[18:59] SpamTunes started.
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�03[19:01] * derp is now known as derp|gone
[19:01] <Demiurge1000> 'your answer to that question is not satisfactory. In fact "My primary contributions to Wikipedia is on most articles." is just nonsense'  -- Beeblebrox on Katarighe's editor review :)
�06[19:01] * Mike_H listens to Dutch girl groups of the 1980s.
[19:01] <Snowolf> Demiurge1000: how many edits does that guy have? or did he just made like a template that's everywhere?
[19:02] <Demiurge1000> I think he has some thousands
[19:02] <Snowolf> Uhm unless he made {{infobox}}, I think that's a rather ambitious statement :D
[19:02] <Demiurge1000> He canvassed about 30 people for his editor review, then went round reverting himself after I told him off
[19:02] <Fluffernutter> someone linj me to this review?
[19:02] <Fluffernutter> or link
[19:02] <Demiurge1000>
[19:03] <Demiurge1000> He has ample advice now though :)
[19:04] <WilliamH_UK> heh
[19:04] <WilliamH_UK> some good words left
[19:04] <Fluffernutter> i think tis is the same guy who once asked me how many more edits he had to make before someone would give him rollback
[19:05] <Fluffernutter> i was all “uhhh, mostly you need to look like you have a clue”
[19:07] <Demiurge1000> Yeah I remember thinking "uh oh, someone gave him rollback"
�03[19:07] * FT2-away (~FT2@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[19:07] * FT2-away (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) has joined #wikipedia-en
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�15[19:09] * Headbomb (~chatzilla@Wikipedia/Headbomb) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:09] <WilliamH_UK> pahaha
[19:09] <WilliamH_UK> i had someone once ask me for the account creator flag despite never having participated in the account creation process
[19:10] <Fluffernutter> no, the worst rollback-giving of the year has to be the time someone gave rollback to a sockpuppeteer who’d been allowed back under tight sanctions
[19:10] <WilliamH_UK> as in, they did not have an account on the interface
[19:10] <Peter-C> Women can dream too
�11[19:10] * /dialog: 'Clone' name in use
[19:10] <Fluffernutter> about two weeks before he requested rollback!
[19:10] <Qcoder00> OK how many Chemists in the channel?
[19:10] <Snowolf> WilliamH_UK: well I've seen people ask for it before getting involved ie I want to create accounts, gief me flag
[19:10] <WilliamH_UK> I said that there was as much point me giving him the ACC flag as there is me giving rollback to a blocked user
[19:11] <Peter-C> Qcoder00 - You better not be starting a meth lab
[19:11] <Qcoder00> LOL
[19:11] <Qcoder00> No
[19:11] <Peter-C> Oh
[19:11] <WilliamH_UK>
[19:11] <Peter-C> Than I cannot help you
[19:11] <Peter-C> ...
[19:11] <Qcoder00> I was looking for someone that can talk for 10 mins on say Hydrogen :)
[19:11] <Demiurge1000> How to move from AGF to *rage* in just /one more/ patently incorrect vandalism of some nice young lady's article
[19:12] <Snowolf> LOL
�06[19:12] * Peter-C pets Snowolf
[19:12] <Qcoder00> Peter-C: How much do you know about the Human body?
[19:12] <Fluffernutter> o_O
[19:13] <Peter-C> Qcoder00 - More than enough
�03[19:13] * Headbomb (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[19:13] * Headbomb (~chatzilla@Wikipedia/Headbomb) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:13] <Peter-C> Why...
[19:13] <Peter-C> Before you say anything else, I do not have gay jungle fever.
[19:14] <Qcoder00> Can you make an accurate  'educational' film on the cradio-vascular system with consistent diagrams?
[19:14] <Qcoder00> *cardio
[19:14] <Peter-C> What exactly do you want me to do? Narrate?
[19:15] <Qcoder00> Well...
[19:15] <Qcoder00> If you narrate , script write etc,,,
[19:15] <Peter-C> Sure, why not!
[19:15] <Peter-C> Erm, why.
[19:15] <Peter-C> ._.
[19:15] <Qcoder00> There was a chat in here last night about trying to get some video content on Commons
[19:15] <Peter-C> And on what level?
�15[19:16] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:16] <Qcoder00> Peter-C: High School
[19:16] <pticochon> so
[19:16] <Peter-C> Good, won't have to go into much detail about the heart
[19:16] <pticochon> 4channers are planning a massive vandal attack to the "homosexuality" article
�03[19:16] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:17] <Qcoder00> Erm...
[19:17] <Fluffernutter> they very rarely manage anything massive
[19:17] <Snowolf> pticochon: don't worry
[19:17] <Peter-C> ^
[19:17] <Qcoder00> Peter-C: Talk to me over in #wikimedia-radio
[19:17] <Peter-C> Snowolf is on the case
�15[19:17] * Vito (~quassel@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.�)
�03[19:17] * ToAruShiroiNeko (~admin@wikimedia/ToAruShiroiNeko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:17] <Snowolf> pticochon: the article is already protected from anonymous editing and we saw the thread :) Thanks a lot for telling us tho :)
[19:17] <pticochon> ok nice
[19:17] <pticochon> np
[19:20] <Bsadowski1> Good job reporting to the 'pedia admins.
�03[19:20] * dungodung|afk is now known as dungodung
[19:20] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf ok thanks
�06[19:20] * Fluffernutter reports Bsadowski1 to the admins
�06[19:20] * Bsadowski1 reports Fluffernutter to AUSC.
[19:20] <ToAruShiroiNeko> one person from land of the pasta was complaining so wanted an alternate opinion
[19:20] <Fluffernutter> noooo
[19:20] <Bsadowski1> j/k
[19:21] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: what were they complaining about specifically?
[19:21] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: 'cause personally I prefer spaghetti, but I guess if somebody prefers maccheroni that's okey too
[19:21] <ToAruShiroiNeko> that news was getting outdated
[19:21] <ToAruShiroiNeko> to adress it I restructured the relvant templates
�15[19:22] * FT2-away (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[19:22] * FT2 (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko>
[19:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf discussion is there
[19:23] <Snowolf> I see that for instance the Italian main pages is [link1 already less up to date] than it [link1 would be with the previous system]
[19:23] <Snowolf> both links point me in the same place
[19:23] <Snowolf> :S
[19:23] <ToAruShiroiNeko> right
[19:24] <Snowolf> And no, I can see october news fine, tho in english
[19:24] <ToAruShiroiNeko> the one mentioned is
[19:24] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I recently added it
[19:24] <ToAruShiroiNeko> october didnt show up in the past
[19:24] <Snowolf> Ah I see
�03[19:25] * DarkoNeko ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:25] * DarkoNeko ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:25] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:25] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[19:25] <ToAruShiroiNeko> but I think current one works better because you can immidiately see whats outdated and whats new
[19:25] <ToAruShiroiNeko> not to mention archiving of all languages would be handled with one edit
[19:26] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf you can preform italian translations if you like :p
�06[19:27] * Snowolf fails at translations into Italian and leaves that for others :)
[19:27] <Mike_H> call me if anyone needs me to transcribe the cin cin song
[19:27] <Snowolf> lolololol
[19:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> hello Mike_H
[19:27] <Mike_H> hi
�06[19:27] * Fluffernutter puts Mike_H on speeddial
�15[19:28] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]�)
[19:28] <Mike_H> I said to Snowolf once "cin cin cin cin, ricoprimi di baci"
[19:28] <Snowolf> If a world were we had musicpedia instead of wikipedia, Mike would run it.musicpedia.whatever and fill it with old songs that we have long forgotten :D
[19:28] <Mike_H> and Snowolf said no
[19:28] <Mike_H> :(
[19:28] <Mike_H> I was sad.
[19:28] <Snowolf> *In a
[19:28] <Snowolf> lololol
[19:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf italians never forget old songs
�03[19:28] * mys_721tx ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:28] * mys_721tx ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:28] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:28] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, Italian lesson
[19:29] <Mike_H> "ricoprimi di baci" means like
[19:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> every night I heard volare in 1992
[19:29] <Mike_H> "shower me with kisses"
[19:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> every night
[19:29] <Snowolf> cover me in kisses
[19:29] <Snowolf> yeah
�15[19:29] * PeterSJC (~myID@ Quit
[19:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H oh the song is for Mahir then?
�03[19:29] * Ty (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:29] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Ty
�15[19:29] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:29] <Snowolf> See, his translation's better than mine already :D
[19:29] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, LOL MAHIR
[19:29] <Mike_H> I love old memes
[19:29] <Mike_H> i keeees you
[19:29] <WilliamH_UK> how does a polar bear know what apples are
[19:29] <Fluffernutter> o_O
[19:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> WilliamH_UK through wikipedia
[19:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> pl is polar bear edition right?
[19:30] <WilliamH_UK> er....
[19:31] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, polar bears love to sleep
[19:31] <Mike_H> that's why you will see the letter z a lot in the pl edition
�15[19:31] * Kingpin13 (~Kingpin13@Wikipedia/Kingpin13) Quit (Quit: quit�)
[19:32] <Peter-C> Fluffernutter - Qcoder00 has work for you
�06[19:32] * Fluffernutter avoids work whenever possible
[19:32] <Peter-C> oh and what was the video thingy?
[19:33] <Peter-C> jeremyb - do you know what I am talking about?
[19:33] <Qcoder00> Peter-C: I don't have  work for Fluffernutter yet...
[19:33] <Peter-C> The video
[19:33] <Qcoder00> I need to do some thinking on that first
[19:33] <Peter-C> for the you know what
[19:33] <Peter-C> Ah
�15[19:34] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) Quit (Quit: Saigo no mori kara saisho no kouya he hakobarete yuku~�)
[19:34] <Qcoder00> The 'video' that would need Fluffernutter to possibly narrate for is a complex topic...
[19:34] <Qcoder00> .. and I'm not qualified to write a script for it...
[19:34] <Peter-C> It is not complex
[19:35] <Fluffernutter> why would you need me to narrate something?
[19:35] <Peter-C> It is when a mommy and a daddy...
�03[19:35] * Ironholds (~bob@wikipedia/Ironholds) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:35] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H makes sense
[19:35] <Ironholds> ToAruShiroiNeko: we can cure that
[19:35] <Ironholds> the cure comes with a free jacket for you!
[19:35] <Ironholds> it's white and has extra-long sleeves
�15[19:36] * Resfirestar_ (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[19:36] <Qcoder00> Fluffernutter: I suggested to Peter-C that he should try doing a short 'educational' film on the cardio vascular system
[19:36] <Qcoder00> In the disscussion the idea of someone else making a film on Pregnancy came up
[19:37] <Qcoder00> Why a video on Pregnancy would need a female narrator is obvious,
�06[19:37] * Fluffernutter is not pregnant and has never been pregnant. I’m no more qualified to narrate a pregnancy video than you are
[19:37] <Peter-C> You are a woman
[19:37] <Fluffernutter> rumor
[19:37] <Peter-C> ._.
[19:37] <Peter-C> You gave birth to Badger
[19:37] <Peter-C> :D
[19:38] <WilliamH_UK> we watched a vid of childbirth in biology
[19:38] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Fluffernutter uh
[19:38] <WilliamH_UK> teacher went out the room after it played briefly
[19:38] <Peter-C> O_o
[19:38] <WilliamH_UK> i said "let's watch it go back in" and rewound the tape
�06[19:38] * Qcoder00 thinks that I'll have to talk to the Women of Wikipedia about the Pregnancy video/screencast thingy
[19:38] <WilliamH_UK> was pretty funny
[19:38] <ToAruShiroiNeko> fortunately Peter-C isnt making an educational film on death
[19:38] <Ironholds> WilliamH_UK: I just luled out loud
[19:38] <ToAruShiroiNeko> we would need a zombie or ghost for that
[19:39] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: I would imagine you do so with more than your usual amount of common sense
[19:39] <WilliamH_UK> Ironholds: splendid
[19:39] <Ironholds> otherwise the last thing you hear will be "what, just because we're WOMEN means we have to have KIDS, IS THAT IT"
[19:39] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: I'm pretty sure we must have somewhere an editor that claims to be one, somewhere
[19:39] <Ironholds> before your head is severed from your spine, stuck on a pike and used in the next GLAM exhibition
[19:39] <Gfoley4> ALCS starts in minutes.
[19:39] <Qcoder00> Ironholds: That's what I want to avoid
[19:39] <Ironholds> Gfoley4: ALCS?
[19:39] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: easiest way to avoid it? Don't say anything.
[19:40] <Snowolf> Ironholds: wikipedia says it's some basebally thingy
[19:40] <Snowolf> *baseball
[19:40] <Gfoley4> Ironholds: baseball playoffs
�03[19:40] * SMasters (~SMasters@wikipedia/SMasters) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:40] <Qcoder00> Ironholds:  I should just drop the whole idea?
[19:40] <Ironholds> Gfoley4: eww
[19:40] <Ironholds> Snowolf: It's hilarious that some people consider baseball a real sport
[19:40] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: where would this video be used?
�06[19:40] * Gfoley4 coughs
[19:41] <Gfoley4> why wouldn't it be a sport?
�15[19:41] * DeltaQuad (~DeltaQuad@TechEssentials/Staff/DeltaQuad) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
[19:41] <Monty845> baseball wouldn't be that bad if it didn't prempt regular programing
[19:41] <Qcoder00> Ironholds: The idea was to have a set of video modules that could be used to support 'educational' content in Wikipedia
[19:41] <Gfoley4> Monty845: I know someone on IRC who has that *exact* opinion also
[19:41] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: that's what wikiversity is for
[19:41] <Gfoley4> he moans about it often
[19:42] <Snowolf> Ironholds: never had the pleasure of watching a baseball match :) Tho in general I'm very liberal in what I'd define as sport :)
[19:42] <Gfoley4> hah, he just came online.
[19:42] <Fluffernutter> baseball qwouldn’t be that bad if people didn’t keep insisting it mattered
[19:42] <Qcoder00> Except Wikiversity has some ideological problems at the moment
[19:42] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: if by that you mean "they're madder than a sack of cut snakes"
[19:42] <Ironholds> that's not "at the moment". It is their default position.
[19:42] <Fluffernutter> “some”
[19:43] <Qcoder00> Ironholds:  I was trying to be polite :)
[19:43] <Ironholds> someone entered $psychopathy = true; into LocalSettings.php and they haven't looked back since
[19:43] <Ironholds> ...oh god I just made a coding joke. Fuckin' kill me.
�15[19:43] * Ty (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: Once upon a time, someone died. The end.�)
�03[19:43] * BarkingFish (~BarkingFi@openglobe/BarkingFish) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:44] <Snowolf> Qcoder00 / Ironholds: Wouldn't wikiversity be the place where they made ottava a sysop? Or is my memory misleading me? :)
[19:44] <Qcoder00> Snowolf: Not sure
[19:44] <Bibliofanny> guys, I need some sort of support here please:
[19:44] <Ironholds> Snowolf: god knows
[19:44] <Snowolf> Bibliofanny: [[WP:CANVASS]]
[19:44] <Ironholds> they made Abd a sysop
[19:45] <Peter-C> Qcoder00 - I will brb and then I will make the script
[19:45] <Qcoder00> Drop a note on [[User_Talk:Sfan00_IMG]]
[19:45] <Qcoder00> I have to go
�06[19:45] * Qcoder00 out
�03[19:45] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) has left #wikipedia-en
�15[19:45] * c-moll ( Quit (Quit: Viele kleine Leute an vielen kleinen Orten, die viele kleine Schritte tun, können das Gesicht der Welt verändern. [Afrikanisches Sprichwort]�)
[19:46] <Snowolf> Bibliofanny: I read it now, uhm
[19:46] <Bibliofanny> Snowolf: for 'support' I means data, not consensus
[19:46] <Snowolf> Bibliofanny: yeah noticed once I read the comment
�03[19:46] * AlexZion (~quassel@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:48] <Snowolf> Bibliofanny: honestly out of my field of expertise, sorry
�06[19:48] * Bibliofanny thinks to write directly to PediaPress, but they semms quite busy...
�15[19:48] * CKtravel_____ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
[19:49] <Bibliofanny> Snowolf: no prob
�03[19:50] * TALTTHAG (46b3ae3f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:51] * DeltaQuad (~DeltaQuad@TechEssentials/Staff/DeltaQuad) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:51] * CKtravel_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
�03[19:58] * Pilif12p ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:59] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[20:00] <BarkingFish> Morning guys. I remember there is a way to use an interwiki link in a Wikipedia url to take you to another wiki's equivalent page - buggered if I remember how though. Anyone got any ideas?
[20:01] <Snowolf> [[:en:BarkingFishStinks]]?
[20:01] <Gfoley4> de:
[20:01] <Headbomb> [20:48]	Bibliofanny	thinks to write directly to PediaPress, but they semms quite busy... ?
[20:01] <Snowolf> oh
[20:01] <WilliamH_UK> barkingfish from where to where?
[20:01] <Gfoley4>
[20:01] <Headbomb> oh the volumes question
[20:02] <Bibliofanny> yes?
[20:02] <Snowolf> BarkingFish: are you asking like a page-neutral link?
[20:02] <WilliamH_UK>
�03[20:02] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:02] <WilliamH_UK> You don't run the Google?!
�06[20:02] * WilliamH_UK doesn't run the Google
[20:02] <Headbomb> a good rule of thumb is that printed books have about twice the number of pages than PDFs
[20:02] <BarkingFish> WilliamH_UK, I want to link from a template to mark an image for deletion, at my request (as uploader) to the same one on fr.wp if I can.
[20:03] <BarkingFish> I uploaded an image to fr.wp last night, - which i've been told doesn't meet the threshold of originality, so it's safe for commons.
[20:03] <BarkingFish> I've reuploaded to commons, and now want to mark the fr.wp upload for deletion
[20:03] <Snowolf> so you want the french template to nominate it fro deletion?
[20:03] <Bibliofanny> Headbomb: weird, I was thinking 20%+ looking at PediaPress previews and our PDFs
�03[20:03] * erikhaugen ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:03] * erikhaugen ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:03] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:04] <BarkingFish> Snowolf, yes
[20:04] <WilliamH_UK> BarkingFish: [[:fr:Fichier:Kro logo.jpg]]
�15[20:04] * Pilif12p ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:04] * Pilif12p (~Pilif12p@firefox/community/pilif12p) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:04] <SMasters> Hi everyone :)
[20:04] <Headbomb> Bibliofanny: References are compiled at the end of books, and there are indexes
�15[20:04] * pticochon ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:04] <BarkingFish> WilliamH_UK, I want a template for the deletion request, WilliamH_UK :)  I know where the picture is :P
�15[20:05] * DeltaQuad (~DeltaQuad@TechEssentials/Staff/DeltaQuad) Quit (Quit: sleep�)
[20:05] <Headbomb> rule of thumb is x2
[20:05] <WilliamH_UK> oh right so you want the french template for deletion
[20:05] <Headbomb> but it's a bit less than that
[20:05] <Snowolf> BarkingFish: trying to find it, but not that good at french
[20:05] <BarkingFish> I can't remember, I think we used to have a CSD for images, WilliamH_UK
[20:05] <Bibliofanny> Headbomb: ok thanks
[20:05] <Snowolf> BarkingFish: this is their files/images for deletion page
[20:05] <BarkingFish> when they were moved to commons, I'm sure there was an I category for it.
�03[20:05] * erikhaugen_ (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:05] Clones detected from wikipedia/ErikHaugen:�8 erikhaugen erikhaugen_
[20:05] <BarkingFish> ah great, Thanks Snowolf :)
[20:06] <Snowolf> BarkingFish:
�15[20:06] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[20:06] * erikhaugen_ is now known as erikhaugen
[20:06] <Snowolf> found it!
[20:06] <Snowolf>
[20:06] <Snowolf> it's the we haz it on commons
[20:06] <Snowolf> template
�15[20:06] * localhost ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[20:06] <Snowolf> {{Image sur Commons
[20:06] <Snowolf>     |Nameoftheimageoncommons
[20:06] <Snowolf>   }}
[20:06] <WilliamH_UK> ...yeah
[20:06] <WilliamH_UK> what he said
�06[20:06] * WilliamH_UK just found it
[20:07] <SMasters> About a month ago, I saw a notice on a WikiProject that one of their members was at RfA, and invited members to comment. But I can't find it now. Did anyone else happen to see this?
[20:08] <Peter-C> My DYK hits the main page tomorrow! :3
[20:08] <Snowolf> Ugh, [[WP:CANVASS]] :(
[20:08] <Peter-C> You are all jelly
�03[20:08] * Maid (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:09] <Mike_H>
[20:09] <Mike_H> worst song ever
[20:09] <Snowolf> Oh dear
[20:10] <Snowolf> Prolly not the worse song ever
[20:10] <Ironholds> SMasters: use "what links here"?
[20:10] <Snowolf> but pretty bad
[20:10] <Ironholds> Peter-C: how many do you have now?
[20:10] <Bibliofanny> Headbomb: and now I need 647,329 dollars to print for real, it was much less a couples of minutes ago :D
[20:10] <Mike_H> Snowolf, with the Countess I never know whether to lol or cry
[20:10] <Snowolf> Mike_H: no clue who that is :)
[20:10] <Mike_H> Snowolf, this rich bitch from Real Housewives of New York City who clearly thinks she is a singer
�15[20:10] * BarkingFish (~BarkingFi@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[20:10] <Snowolf> Mike_H: but I seem to remember a certain german eurovision winning (if I remember correctly) song that I think ought to be the worse
[20:11] <Headbomb> Bibliofanny: if you really want to print it, i'm sure they'd make you a bulk price
[20:11] <Snowolf> I see, can't say I'm familiar with that show, but the title sounds intense
[20:11] <Bibliofanny> eh eh
[20:11] <Snowolf> Are there false housewives too?
[20:11] <Mike_H> Snowolf, oh yes, some of the people on her show aren't even married
�15[20:12] * Theo10011_a (~Theo10011@ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[20:12] <Snowolf> I see
[20:12] <Snowolf> :o
[20:12] <Mike_H> Snowolf, she is married to some French count
[20:13] <Mike_H> in real life she is the daughter of a construction worker from Connecticut
[20:13] <Mike_H> nouveau riche
[20:13] <Peter-C> Ironholds - 3 :P
[20:13] <SMasters> Ironholds: I can't remember the candidate
[20:13] <Snowolf> Thought our cousins from across the alps abolished those silly nobles :D
�15[20:13] * LikeLakers2-1 (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Quit: *insert generic Quit Message here*�)
[20:13] <Peter-C> And I know, you have quite a large number of DYKs
[20:13] <Peter-C> No need to rub it in
[20:13] <Mike_H> Snowolf, plus she kind of looks like a tranny even though she isn't
[20:13] <Mike_H> deep voiced and like six feet tall
�15[20:14] * Stelpa ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[20:14] <Snowolf> Mike_H: is there any reality show that you're not expert in? It was you that tricked me into watching a season of one of those, right? :D
[20:14] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf yes
�15[20:14] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:14] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H doesnt know about the reality show he stars in
�03[20:14] * SonicAD ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:15] <Mike_H> Snowolf, lol, I think I had you watch Big Brother
[20:15] <Snowolf> lol possible *hides*
[20:15] <Mike_H> The Real Housewives are a hot mess
[20:15] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H show
[20:15] <Mike_H> I don't know why such horrid women with so much money are popular considering we are in a bad recession
�03[20:15] * LL2|JedIRC ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:15] <Mike_H> and none of them have been mugged yet!
�15[20:15] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:15] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:15] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:16] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H sarkozy decided
�15[20:17] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[20:17] <Mike_H> Snowolf,
[20:17] <Snowolf> Noooooooo
[20:17] <Snowolf> Somebody save me!
[20:18] <Mike_H> Snowolf, it's just an intro
[20:18] <Mike_H> :P
[20:18] <Snowolf> :P
[20:18] <ToAruShiroiNeko>,7340,L-4132557,00.html <-- I think this is the best link ever
[20:18] <Snowolf> Ooookey...
[20:18] <Snowolf> and that's a popular show?
[20:18] <Mike_H> Snowolf, it has had four seasons
[20:18] <ToAruShiroiNeko> it is an israeli source covering a news about turkey taking place in armenia by the french president
[20:19] <Snowolf> lol
[20:19] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: france has a special connection to armenia :)
[20:19] <Mike_H> Snowolf, although they just fired like four women off that show
[20:19] <Snowolf> lololol
[20:19] <Mike_H> (they hired more than just those five later on)
[20:19] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: I'm pretty sure Mike_H knows what the connection is :D
[20:19] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Snowolf I dont get the connection :(
[20:20] <Mike_H> Snowolf,
[20:20] <Mike_H> they fired Jill, Alex, Kelly and Cindy
[20:20] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: [[Shahnour Vaghenag Aznavourian]]
�03[20:21] * Ty (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:21] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Maid Ty
[20:21] <Snowolf> aka Charles Aznavour
[20:21] <Mike_H> Snowolf, Turkey is just mad that they killed all those Armenians 100 years ago
[20:21] <Mike_H> and they don't want to mention that it ever happened
[20:21] <Snowolf> Yeah I know
[20:21] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H:
[20:22] <Snowolf> Mike_H: I was saying the connectiong between france and armenia
�15[20:22] * Maid (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:23] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Ma Jei climbed the wall easily without harness or safety equipment, a number of other tourists tried the feat but two fell breaking their legs, three more had to be rescued by police
[20:23] <Mike_H> Snowolf, France was a big ally to Armenians during that time and it was the first country in the world to recognize the Armenian Genocide
[20:24] <Mike_H> (Turkey hates that)
[20:24] <Mike_H> the headline might as well say
[20:24] <Snowolf> :D
[20:25] <ToAruShiroiNeko> mmm
[20:25] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H I dont know how much of an ally to armenia france is
[20:25] <Mike_H> Snowolf, one of my old teachers and a good friend of mine is part of the Armenian American Foundation and she helped get the Armenian Genocide introduced into the US school history curriculum
[20:25] <Snowolf> It is in the curriculum? that's great
[20:26] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Amrenian diaspora is easy to manipulate.
[20:26] <Mike_H> Snowolf,
[20:26] <Mike_H> this is an essay of hers
[20:26] <Incand879> To be followed within the next week or so, by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League forbidding again the Armenians from "usurping" the word _genocide_ from them…..
[20:26] <Mike_H> Snowolf, she is half Armenian and half Jewish
[20:26] <Mike_H> (her mother's maiden name being "Aivizian")
[20:26] <Snowolf> I see :)
[20:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H oh, does that make one twice the victim?
[20:27] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, and she has red hair
[20:27] <Mike_H> thrice the victim!
[20:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> oooh, sexy probably
[20:27] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, she looks like Molly Ringwald
�15[20:27] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[20:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> how do you know she isnt Molly Ringwald?
[20:28] <Mike_H> she actually bumped into Molly Ringwald once in New York City and she was taken aback at how much she looked like her and they had lunch together
[20:28] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, Molly Ringwald is four years older than her :)
[20:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> aw
[20:28] <Incand879> half-Armenian and half-Jewish… double genocided…. x(
[20:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H I am curious more about the other half of the news
[20:29] <Incand879> too much suffering that is...
[20:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Mike_H thats not true though.
[20:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> is sarkozy really loosing popularity?
[20:30] <Mike_H> ToAruShiroiNeko, Snowolf,
[20:31] <ToAruShiroiNeko>  Genocide Education Project <- FAQ on how to genocide?
[20:31] <ToAruShiroiNeko> what an unfortunately named project
�03[20:31] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:31] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Ty
�15[20:31] * Ty (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[20:33] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:33] * ToAruShiroiNeko stabs Mike_H
[20:33] <Sp33dyphil> ToAruShiroiNeko: I hope you're using the scripts :)
[20:34] <Incand879> homohomocide
�03[20:34] * dungodung is now known as dungodung|sleep
[20:34] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sp33dyphil hello
[20:35] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: lol I just realized who you are lol, hiii :D
[20:35] <Incand879> homomocide
[20:35] <Sp33dyphil> holla
�06[20:35] * Snowolf fails at keeping track of renames
[20:36] <Gfoley4> would a plaque at the site of the article in question be a RS?
[20:36] <Gfoley4>
�03[20:38] * FunOrb (~math@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:39] <ToAruShiroiNeko> hello Snowolf :/
[20:39] <ToAruShiroiNeko> who did you think I was :o
�03[20:39] * Addihockey10 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:40] <Snowolf> I dunno :)
�15[20:40] * Addihockey10 ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:40] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:40] <WilliamH_UK> right
[20:40] <WilliamH_UK> anyone good with userboxes
[20:40] <WilliamH_UK> and tables i guess
[20:40] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: I really get lost when people rename because I generally am active only a few months a year, so what happens in between, I don't know :)
�06[20:41] * FunOrb resolves to be renamed when Snowolf isn't active
[20:42] <Snowolf> FunOrb: everybody does that, you're not being original :P
[20:42] <Snowolf> It's obviously a conspiracy
[20:42] <FunOrb> Hm, time to rename Jimbo!
[20:42] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I was inactive for the past 2 years
[20:42] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Jimbo should be renamed to magikarp
[20:43] <Addihockey10> FunOrb: Asschoad.
[20:43] <FunOrb> ?
[20:43] <Snowolf> ToAruShiroiNeko: magikarp has 8 edits
�06[20:43] * FunOrb sets Addihockey10's hair on fire
[20:43] <SMasters> WilliamH_UK what are you trying to do?
[20:44] <WilliamH_UK> i want to get text on the left, userboxes on the right
[20:44] <FunOrb> {{align|left|textgoeshere}}
[20:44] <FunOrb> Actually I think you would have to float it.
[20:44] <WilliamH_UK> and the text to wrap around it, i.e., if there's more prose, then it goes underneath the userboxes
[20:44] <FunOrb> Yeah, you need to float it.
�03[20:45] * TParis_ is now known as TParis
�15[20:45] * TParis ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:45] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:45] <WilliamH_UK> ah
[20:46] <WilliamH_UK> then under that, i want the same again
[20:46] <WilliamH_UK> i.e. another level 2 header
[20:46] <WilliamH_UK> text on the left, boxes on the right
[20:46] <WilliamH_UK> and i want the level 2 header to be the cutoff for userboxes
�03[20:46] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:46] <WilliamH_UK> by that i mean the userboxes for the new section will always appear underneath the header
[20:47] <WilliamH_UK> and not crunched up against the previous set of userboxes going from right ot left
[20:48] <FunOrb> WilliamH_UK: "Will code if you clean out C:SD"
[20:48] <SMasters> What's the code to use so that words stay on the same line? (i.e. does not break into 2 paragraphs)
[20:49] <FunOrb> nbsp
[20:49] <FunOrb>   or something
[20:49] <WilliamH_UK> yup
[20:49] <SMasters> Thanks
�03[20:49] * Laura|Away is now known as LauraHale
[20:49] <WilliamH_UK> as in that's the correct code
[20:49] <WilliamH_UK> as for SD, i will have a ganders
[20:52] <FunOrb> Are IPs allowed to decline CSD?
[20:53] <Aranda56> yea
[20:53] <Snowolf> FunOrb: why not?
[20:53] <Aranda56> if it's clearly not a CSD candidate
[20:53] <FunOrb> Because half the time I see that happen I get the feeling it's the page creator.
�03[20:53] * Stelpa (~Stelpa@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:54] <Aranda56> most of the time it is, if it's still clearly a speedy just revert and warn
�15[20:54] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 9.0a2/20111008042014]�)
[20:55] <FunOrb> Oh for fucks sake
[20:55] <FunOrb>
�06[20:55] * FunOrb fries the page
[20:55] <Snowolf> Is that a copyvio of wiki? lol
[20:56] <Incand879> make sure to use enough oil, Fun.
[20:56] <SMasters> Arrrgh!! It annoys me so much when people can't follow simple instructions.
[20:57] <FunOrb> It annoys me so much when idiots who would grandly fail in a technocracy attempt to edit WP, and copy and paste the DAMN TAGLINE
[20:57] <Snowolf> FunOrb: I'd nuke it but I'm unable to understand it
�06[20:57] * FunOrb whacks it with a hammer
[20:57] <FunOrb> I swear if that idiot contests it...
�15[20:58] * KimiNewt ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:01] <SMasters> It happens all the time at [[Wikipedia:Triple Crown/Nominations]]. And then they wonder why it takes so long for them to get their award. :S
�03[21:03] * CRRaysHead90 (~Christian@unaffiliated/crrayshead90) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:05] * Sir48 ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[21:08] * bashoh ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:10] * katarighe ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:11] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[21:11] <katarighe> hello
[21:11] <Snowolf> Good morning katarighe.
[21:11] <FunOrb> hi
[21:12] <Demiurge1000> yes, hello
[21:12] <katarighe> what time is it now
[21:12] <katarighe> no
[21:12] <katarighe> Sorry
[21:12] <Snowolf> katarighe: depends where :)
[21:12] <katarighe> ok
[21:12] <FunOrb> Sunday, 2011/10/09 01:12:46 (UTC)
�15[21:14] * worm_that_turned (~worm_that@wikipedia/Worm-That-Turned) Quit (Quit: worm_that_turned�)
�03[21:14] * Incand ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:14] <katarighe> i currently now editing this and make a good article status
[21:14] <WilliamH_UK> C:SD no longer backlogged
[21:14] <Gfoley4> ok
�06[21:14] * FunOrb applauds
[21:14] <katarighe> in 2009, it failed to be a good article
[21:15] <katarighe> so im trying my best
�15[21:15] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
[21:15] <FunOrb> WilliamH_UK: over 51 titles in C:SD
[21:15] <FunOrb> :S
[21:16] <WilliamH_UK> ok well i got it down to less than 45
[21:16] <WilliamH_UK> bah
�15[21:16] * Incand879 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:16] * Incand is now known as Incand879
�03[21:16] * Demiurge1000 is now known as D1000|Away
�03[21:18] * franny (~fran@wikimedia/Fran-Rogers) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:19] * Aranda56 did some NP patrol the other day
[21:19] <Aranda56> 100% rate of deletion :P
�06[21:19] * FunOrb gets that all the time
�15[21:19] * katarighe ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 7.0.1/20110928134238]�)
[21:19] <Aranda56> none of them from the day off, all articles from random and old unpatrolled log :p
[21:20] <Aranda56> Fun0rb beat that :p
[21:20] <FunOrb> O, not 0
�15[21:22] * Beria (~Beria@wikimedia/Beria) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
Session Close: Sat Oct 08 21:22:47 2011