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Thompson and Holt
Type Private Limited Company
Founded 2014 by Stuart White
Headquarters Littleborough, United Kingdom
Key peopleStuart White (CEO and founder)
Area servedWorldwide: US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, and India.
IndustryOnline business consultancy
ProductsAmazon seller suspension services
Monitor and Protect software
Contact (e-mail)
+44 161 8852 365 (telephone outside UK)
0161 8852 365 (UK domestic telephone)
Reference Thompson and Holt

Thompson and Holt (also written as Thompson & Holt) is a British consultancy company specialising in resolving issues related to suspended seller accounts. The consultancy has offices based in both the United Kingdom and United States. Its headquarters is located in Littleborough, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom. As the world's leading online consultancy specialising in Amazon suspended seller accounts, Thompson and Holt is a leader in customised solutions for Amazon sellers who require account assistance and monitoring. The company's services are in line with Amazon's official terms of service.

Thompson and Holt is backed by Lloyd's of London, and is currently the only consultancy company that offers Amazon Seller Services in agreement with Amazon's official terms of service.


In 2014, Thompson and Holt was founded by Stuart White[1] in Littleborough, UK, and has since helped about 5,000 Amazon sellers restore their seller accounts and ASINs.[2]

Thompson and Holt official company logo


Amazon seller suspension services


By using the personal expertise of former Amazon Seller Performance Team staff who had reviewed seller appeals for Amazon, Thompson and Holt writes custom Amazon appeal letters to help sellers return to selling on Amazon in as little as 24 hours, with an average restoration time of 2-3 days.[3]


Thompson and Holt charges a fixed fee of £500 pounds ($660 US dollars) to restore suspended Amazon accounts. Live chat and support is available, and the company takes pride in delivering fast, tangible results to clients with top personalised customer service.


Thompson and Holt's 5-step procedure is as follows.[2] As a straightforward process, it takes care of time and hassle that the clients would otherwise have to go through if they were to attempt to solve the issues by themselves.

  1. The account suspension is reviewed by Thompson and Holt's team. This usually takes about one hour. The following information is needed by the team; to respect customer privacy, no account details need to be provided:
    1. A copy of the original suspension email
    2. A copy of the seller's appeal (if one had already been submitted)
    3. Correspondence with the Seller Performance Team
    4. Others: feedback, policy warnings, complaints, and other alerts
  2. Thompson and Holt's team then determines whether or not the account is eligible for an appeal, and subsequently charges a one-time fixed fee of £500 pounds ($660 US dollars)
  3. An Amazon appeal letter and action letter are filed within 24 hours or the customer's original inquiry with Thompson and Holt.
  4. Thompson and Holt and the Amazon seller then wait for the following response from Amazon's team: Your Amazon account has been reinstated.
  5. The seller can then resume Amazon business activities as usual.

This simple 5-step procedure has resulted in thousands of successful cases solved.


Thompson and Holt has also created Monitor and Protect Software, which prevents Amazon seller accounts from suspension.[4] Additional information can be found in a featured online article by Medium.


Thompson and Holt services global Amazon accounts in various locations, including in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, and India.


Initial inquiries can be made to Thompson and Holt's team using the following three methods.[2]

  1. Live Chat - using the 'Chat Now' box at
  2. Completing the yellow online form at
  3. Email at


Thompson and Holt is also trusted by sites such as Tamebay,[3] Yellow Pages, and WebRetailer.[5]

Online reviews are overwhelmingly 5-star reviews, with average ratings on the following sites always exceeding 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In a thread, Thompson and Holt is also recommended as a legitimate, highly professional Amazon consultancy service that is 100% legal and completely compliant with Amazon's terms of service.


Thompson and Holt has also been featured in the press, include in a Medium article about how the company successfully assists Amazon sellers using a quick, no-hassle method that is taken care of within an average time frame of 2-3 days.[4]

Thompson and Holt is highly also recommended in an iqSEO article.

Dave Dixon, the founder of, also recounts how Thompson and Holt had quickly restored his Amazon seller account in this online article.

Thompson and Holt has also been featured in an article by Tamebay. There is also an article about Thompson and Holt by beBee.


The company also collects statistics about Amazon seller suspensions, such as in this page about 2017 suspensions.[6]


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