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  • | birth_place = [[Mercersburg]], [[Pennsylvania]] | death_place = [[Lancaster, Pennsylvania]]
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  • ...e stone and wooden hunting tools. Archaic people grew squash, and Woodland people expanded by growing corn and beans. The development of pottery in the Woodl ...lonizing group of which Henderson was a member, blazed the Wilderness Road from Tennessee into the Kentucky region and founded Boonesboro. Title to this la
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  • ...respected his wishes. Ambrose (1983), pp. 13-14</ref> Eisenhower graduated from [[Abilene High School (Abilene, Kansas)|Abilene High School]] in 1909.<ref ...uary 2]], [[1921]], at the age of three.<ref> Lawrence Berger-Knorr, ''The Pennsylvania Relations of Dwight D. Eisenhower'', p8 </ref>
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  • ...ed." He had no executive powers, but the similarity of titles has confused people into thinking there were other presidents before Washington. Merrill Jensen ...] in 1795; he used his prestige to get it ratified over intense opposition from the [[Democratic-Republican Party|Jeffersonians]]. Although never officiall
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  • ...n the 1820s and 1830s. His political ambition combined with the masses of people shaped the modern [[History of the United States Democratic Party|Democrati ...r his mother secured their release. Jackson's entire immediate family died from war-related hardships that Jackson blamed upon the British, leaving him orp
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