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  • | alma_mater =[[Dickinson College]] ...llege]], in [[Carlisle, Pennsylvania]]. At one point, he was expelled from Dickinson for wild behavior and bad conduct, but after pleading for a second chance h
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  • ...children. His mother, [[Louisa Torrey]], was a graduate of [[Mount Holyoke College]]. His father, [[Alphonso Taft]], came to Cincinnati in 1839 to open a law ...t|Helen Herron]], in Cincinnati; she and Taft courted while he was away at college. He enjoyed spending time with his aunt, Meredith Johnson, who required whe
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  •'s family settled in [[Abilene, Kansas]] in 1892. David Eisenhower was a college-educated engineer.<ref>Growing up, Ike and his brothers were all very compe ...revious affiliation.<ref>Bergman, Jerry, Ph.D. [[Northwest State Community College]]. "[ Why President Eisenhow
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