Montana Elk Rut Guide

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Montana Elk Rut Guide gives you insights on the best places to go observe one of the most majestic sites of nature. Bull Elk starting late August and running through end of September enter into the Elk Rut. This is the starting of their mating season. The Bull Elk have a high pitched scream that they gather cows with and issue challenges and warnings to other Bull Elk. They will abandon all care to round up Elk Cows. Running in circles with their high pitched screams to round up between 5-20 cows for mating. Sometimes you get the opportunity to see several Bulls trying to challenge each other and steal cows from each other. That is what can lead to a fight where they lock antlers and push back and forth until one is injured or dominated and runs away. Our guide shows you the best places to go see this once in a lifetime opportunity. Montana Elk Rut Guide

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