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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Region topic/North America/doc

return {
  region = "North America",
  ngroups = 2,
  group1 = {
    name = "Sovereign states",
    data = {
      {"AG","Antigua and Barbuda"},
      {"CR","Costa Rica"},
      {"DO","Dominican Republic",the=true},
      {"SV","El Salvador"},
      {"KN","Saint Kitts and Nevis"},
      {"LC","Saint Lucia"},
      {"VC","Saint Vincent and the Grenadines"},
      {"TT","Trinidad and Tobago"},
      {"US","United States",the=true}
  group2 = {
    name = "{{longitem|Dependencies and<br/>other territories}}",
    data = {
      {"VG","British Virgin Islands",the=true},
      {"KY","Cayman Islands",the=true},
      {"XNV","Navassa Island",noredlink=true},
      {"PR","Puerto Rico"},
      {"BL","Saint Barthélemy"},
      {"MF","Saint Martin",link="Collectivity of Saint Martin",the=true},
      {"PM","Saint Pierre and Miquelon"},
      {"XSE","Sint Eustatius"},
      {"SX","Sint Maarten"},
      {"TC","Turks and Caicos Islands",the=true},
      {"VI","United States Virgin Islands",the=true}
    switch = "countries_only",
    negate_switch = true