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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Month translator/doc

require ('Module:No globals')

local data = mw.loadData ('Module:month translator/data');

--[[--------------------------< M O N T H _ X L A T E >--------------------------------------------------------

{{#invoke:Sandbox/trappist the monk/month translator|month_xlate|<date>}}


local function month_xlate (frame)
	local t = {};
	local day, month, year;
	if 'dump' == frame.args[1] then												-- frame.args[1] = 'dump' to dump month_names table; 
		return mw.dumpObject (data.month_names);
	for i, pattern in ipairs (data.patterns) do										-- spin through the patterns table looking for a match
		local c1, c2, c3;														-- captures in the 'pattern' from the pattern table go here

		c1, c2, c3 = mw.ustring.match (mw.text.trim(frame.args[1]), pattern[1]);	-- one or more captures set if source matches patterns[i][1])
		if c1 then																-- c1 always set on match

			t = {
				[pattern[2] or 'x'] = c1,										-- fill the table of captures with the captures
				[pattern[3] or 'x'] = c2,										-- take index names from pattern table and assign sequential captures
				[pattern[4] or 'x'] = c3,										-- index name may be nil in pattern table so "or 'x'" spoofs a name for this index in this table
			day = t.d or '';													-- translate table contents to named variables;
			month = mw.ustring.lower (t.m or '');								-- absent table entries are nil so set unused parts to empty string; lowercase for indexing
			month = data.override_names[month] or data.month_names[month];		-- replace non-English name with English name from translation tables
			year= t.y or '';

			if month then
				local df = table.concat ({pattern[2], pattern[3], pattern[4]}, '');	-- extract date format from pattern table (pattern[2], pattern[3], pattern[4])

				if 'dmy' == df then												-- for dmy dates
					return table.concat ({day, month, year}, ' ');				-- assemble an English language dmy date
				elseif 'my' == df then											-- for month year dates
					return table.concat ({month, year}, ' ');					-- assemble an English language dmy date
				elseif 'mdy' == df then											-- for mdy dates
					return string.format ('%s %s, %s', month, day, year);		-- assemble an English language mdy date
				elseif 'm' == df then											-- must be month (only valid option remaining)
					return month;												-- none of the above, return the translated month;
			break;																-- and done; if here found pattern match but did not find non-English month name in month_names{}
	return frame.args[1];														-- if here, couldn't translate so return the original date

--[[--------------------------< E X P O R T E D   F U N C T I O N S >------------------------------------------

return {month_xlate = month_xlate};