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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Data/Italian provinces/doc

return {
	AG = {short="Agrigento", full="Province of Agrigento", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Agrigento, Province of"},
	AL = {short="Alessandria", full="Province of Alessandria", region="PMN", coa="", sort="Alessandria, Province of"},
	AN = {short="Ancona", full="Province of Ancona", region="MAR", coa="", sort="Ancona, Province of"},
	AO = {short="Aosta Valley", full="Aosta Valley", region="VAO", coa="Valle d'Aosta-Stemma.svg", sort="Aosta Valley"},
	AP = {short="Ascoli Piceno", full="Province of Ascoli Piceno", region="MAR", coa="Provincia di Ascoli Piceno-Stemma.png", sort="Ascoli Piceno, Province of"},
	AQ = {short="L'Aquila", full="Province of L'Aquila", region="ABR", coa="", sort="L'Aquila, Province of"},
	AR = {short="Arezzo", full="Province of Arezzo", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Arezzo, Province of"},
	AT = {short="Asti", full="Province of Asti", region="PMN", coa="", sort="Asti, Province of"},
	AV = {short="Avellino", full="Province of Avellino", region="CAM", coa="Provincia di Avellino-Stemma.svg", sort="Avellino, Province of"},
	BA = {short="Bari", full="Metropolitan City of Bari", region="PUG", coa="Provincia di Bari-Stemma.png", sort="Bari, Metropolitan City of"},
	BG = {short="Bergamo", full="Province of Bergamo", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Bergamo, Province of"},
	BI = {short="Biella", full="Province of Biella", region="PMN", coa="Provincia di Biella-Stemma.svg", sort="Biella, Province of"},
	BL = {short="Belluno", full="Province of Belluno", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Belluno, Province of"},
	BN = {short="Benevento", full="Province of Benevento", region="CAM", coa="Provincia di Benevento-Stemma.png", sort="Benevento, Province of"},
	BO = {short="Bologna", full="Metropolitan City of Bologna", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Bologna, Metropolitan City of"},
	BR = {short="Brindisi", full="Province of Brindisi", region="PUG", coa="Provincia di Brindisi-Stemma.svg", sort="Brindisi, Province of"},
	BS = {short="Brescia", full="Province of Brescia", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Brescia, Province of"},
	BT = {short="Barletta-Andria-Trani", full="Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani", region="PUG", coa="Provincia di Barletta-Andria-Trani-Stemma.svg", sort="Barletta-Andria-Trani, Province of"},
	BZ = {short="Bolzano-Bozen", full="Province of Bolzano-Bozen", region="TAA", coa="Suedtirol CoA.svg", sort="Bolzano-Bozen, Province of"},
	CA = {short="Cagliari", full="Metropolitan City of Cagliari", region="SAR", coa="", sort="Cagliari, Metropolitan City of"},
	CB = {short="Campobasso", full="Province of Campobasso", region="MOL", coa="", sort="Campobasso, Province of"},
	CE = {short="Caserta", full="Province of Caserta", region="CAM", coa="", sort="Caserta, Province of"},
	CH = {short="Chieti", full="Province of Chieti", region="ABR", coa="", sort="Chieti, Province of"},
	CI = {short="Carbonia-Iglesias", full="Province of Carbonia-Iglesias", region="SAR", coa="Sin escudo.svg", sort="Carbonia-Iglesias, Province of"},
	CL = {short="Caltanissetta", full="Province of Caltanissetta", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Caltanissetta, Province of"},
	CN = {short="Cuneo", full="Province of Cuneo", region="PMN", coa="Italy.Province.Cuneo.COA.png", sort="Cuneo, Province of"},
	CO = {short="Como", full="Province of Como", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Como, Province of"},
	CR = {short="Cremona", full="Province of Cremona", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Cremona, Province of"},
	CS = {short="Cosenza", full="Province of Cosenza", region="CAL", coa="", sort="Cosenza, Province of"},
	CT = {short="Catania", full="Metropolitan City of Catania", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Catania, Metropolitan City of"},
	CZ = {short="Catanzaro", full="Province of Catanzaro", region="CAL", coa="Coat of Arms of the Province of Catanzaro.svg", sort="Catanzaro, Province of"},
	EN = {short="Enna", full="Province of Enna", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Enna, Province of"},
	FC = {short="Forlì-Cesena", full="Province of Forlì-Cesena", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Forlì-Cesena, Province of"},
	FE = {short="Ferrara", full="Province of Ferrara", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Ferrara, Province of"},
	FG = {short="Foggia", full="Province of Foggia", region="PUG", coa="", sort="Foggia, Province of"},
	FI = {short="Florence", full="Metropolitan City of Florence", region="TOS", coa="Provincia di Firenze-Stemma.svg", sort="Florence, Metropolitan City of"},
	FM = {short="Fermo", full="Province of Fermo", region="=MAR", coa="", sort="Fermo, Province of"},
	FR = {short="Frosinone", full="Province of Frosinone", region="LAZ", coa="", sort="Frosinone, Province of"},
	GE = {short="Genoa", full="Metropolitan City of Genoa", region="LIG", coa="", sort="Genoa, Metropolitan City of"},
	GO = {short="Gorizia", full="Province of Gorizia", region="FVG", coa="", sort="Gorizia, Province of"},
	GR = {short="Grosseto", full="Province of Grosseto", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Grosseto, Province of"},
	IM = {short="Imperia", full="Province of Imperia", region="LIG", coa="", sort="Imperia, Province of"},
	IS = {short="Isernia", full="Province of Isernia", region="MOL", coa="", sort="Isernia, Province of"},
	KR = {short="Crotone", full="Province of Crotone", region="CAL", coa="", sort="Crotone, Province of"},
	LC = {short="Lecco", full="Province of Lecco", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Lecco, Province of"},
	LE = {short="Lecce", full="Province of Lecce", region="PUG", coa="Coat of Arms of the Province of Lecce.svg", sort="Lecce, Province of"},
	LI = {short="Livorno", full="Province of Livorno", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Livorno, Province of"},
	LO = {short="Lodi", full="Province of Lodi", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Lodi, Province of"},
	LT = {short="Latina", full="Province of Latina", region="LAZ", coa="", sort="Latina, Province of"},
	LU = {short="Lucca", full="Province of Lucca", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Lucca, Province of"},
	MB = {short="Monza and Brianza", full="Province of Monza and Brianza", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Monza and Brianza, Province of"},
	MC = {short="Macerata", full="Province of Macerata", region="MAR", coa="", sort="Macerata, Province of"},
	ME = {short="Messina", full="Metropolitan City of Messina", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Messina, Metropolitan City of"},
	MI = {short="Milan", full="Metropolitan City of Milan", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Milan, Metropolitan City of"},
	MN = {short="Mantua", full="Province of Mantua", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Mantua, Province of"},
	MO = {short="Modena", full="Province of Modena", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Modena, Province of"},
	MS = {short="Massa-Carrara", full="Province of Massa-Carrara", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Massa-Carrara, Province of"},
	MT = {short="Matera", full="Province of Matera", region="BAS", coa="", sort="Matera, Province of"},
	NA = {short="Naples", full="Metropolitan City of Naples", region="CAM", coa="Provincia di Napoli-Stemma.svg", sort="Naples, Metropolitan City of"},
	NO = {short="Novara", full="Province of Novara", region="PMN", coa="Provincia di Novara-Stemma.png", sort="Novara, Province of"},
	NU = {short="Nuoro", full="Province of Nuoro", region="SAR", coa="", sort="Nuoro, Province of"},
	OG = {short="Ogliastra", full="Province of Ogliastra", region="SAR", coa="Provincia dell'Ogliastra-Stemma.svg", sort="Ogliastra, Province of"},
	OR = {short="Oristano", full="Province of Oristano", region="SAR", coa="Provincia di Oristano-Stemma.svg", sort="Oristano, Province of"},
	OT = {short="Olbia-Tempio", full="Province of Olbia-Tempio", region="SAR", coa="Provincia di Olbia-Tempio-Stemma.svg", sort="Olbia-Tempio, Province of"},
	PA = {short="Palermo", full="Metropolitan City of Palermo", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Palermo, Metropolitan City of"},
	PC = {short="Piacenza", full="Province of Piacenza", region="EMR", coa="Provincia di Piacenza-Stemma.svg", sort="Piacenza, Province of"},
	PD = {short="Padua", full="Province of Padua", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Padua, Province of"},
	PE = {short="Pescara", full="Province of Pescara", region="ABR", coa="", sort="Pescara, Province of"},
	PG = {short="Perugia", full="Province of Perugia", region="UMB", coa="", sort="Perugia, Province of"},
	PI = {short="Pisa", full="Province of Pisa", region="TOS", coa="Provincia di Pisa-Stemma.svg", sort="Pisa, Province of"},
	PN = {short="Pordenone", full="Province of Pordenone", region="FVG", coa="", sort="Pordenone, Province of"},
	PO = {short="Prato", full="Province of Prato", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Prato, Province of"},
	PR = {short="Parma", full="Province of Parma", region="EMR", coa="Provincia di Parma-Stemma.svg", sort="Parma, Province of"},
	PT = {short="Pistoia", full="Province of Pistoia", region="TOS", coa="", sort="Pistoia, Province of"},
	PU = {short="Pesaro and Urbino", full="Province of Pesaro and Urbino", region="MAR", coa="", sort="Pesaro and Urbino, Province of"},
	PV = {short="Pavia", full="Province of Pavia", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Pavia, Province of"},
	PZ = {short="Potenza", full="Province of Potenza", region="BAS", coa="", sort="Potenza, Province of"},
	RA = {short="Ravenna", full="Province of Ravenna", region="EMR", coa="Provincia di Ravenna-Stemma.svg", sort="Ravenna, Province of"},
	RC = {short="Reggio Calabria", full="Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria", region="CAL", coa="Coat of Arms of the Province of Reggio-Calabria.svg", sort="Reggio Calabria, Metropolitan City of"},
	RE = {short="Reggio Emilia", full="Province of Reggio Emilia", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Reggio Emilia, Province of"},
	RG = {short="Ragusa", full="Province of Ragusa", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Ragusa, Province of"},
	RI = {short="Rieti", full="Province of Rieti", region="LAZ", coa="", sort="Rieti, Province of"},
	RM = {short="Rome", full="Metropolitan City of Rome Capital", region="LAZ", coa="Provincia di Roma-Stemma.svg", sort="Rome, Metropolitan City of"},
	RN = {short="Rimini", full="Province of Rimini", region="EMR", coa="", sort="Rimini, Province of"},
	RO = {short="Rovigo", full="Province of Rovigo", region="VEN", coa="Provincia di Rovigo-Stemma.png", sort="Rovigo, Province of"},
	SA = {short="Salerno", full="Province of Salerno", region="CAM", coa="", sort="Salerno, Province of"},
	SI = {short="Siena", full="Province of Siena", region="TOS", coa="Provincia di Siena-Stemma.svg", sort="Siena, Province of"},
	SO = {short="Sondrio", full="Province of Sondrio", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Sondrio, Province of"},
	SP = {short="La Spezia", full="Province of La Spezia", region="LIG", coa="", sort="La Spezia, Province of"},
	SR = {short="Syracuse", full="Province of Syracuse", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Syracuse, Province of"},
	SS = {short="Sassari", full="Province of Sassari", region="SAR", coa="Provincia di Sassari-Stemma.svg", sort="Sassari, Province of"},
	SU = {short="South Sardinia", full="Province of South Sardinia", region="SAR", coa="", sort="South Sardinia, Province of"},
	SV = {short="Savona", full="Province of Savona", region="LIG", coa="", sort="Savona, Province of"},
	TA = {short="Taranto", full="Province of Taranto", region="PUG", coa="", sort="Taranto, Province of"},
	TE = {short="Teramo", full="Province of Teramo", region="ABR", coa="Provincia di Teramo-Stemma.svg", sort="Teramo, Province of"},
	TN = {short="Trento", full="Province of Trento", region="TAA", coa="Trentino CoA.svg", sort="Trento, Province of"},
	TO = {short="Turin", full="Metropolitan City of Turin", region="PMN", coa="", sort="Turin, Metropolitan City of"},
	TP = {short="Trapani", full="Province of Trapani", region="SIC", coa="", sort="Trapani, Province of"},
	TR = {short="Terni", full="Province of Terni", region="UMB", coa="Provincia di Terni-Stemma.png", sort="Terni, Province of"},
	TS = {short="Trieste", full="Province of Trieste", region="FVG", coa="Italy.Province.Trieste.COA.png", sort="Trieste, Province of"},
	TV = {short="Treviso", full="Province of Treviso", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Treviso, Province of"},
	UD = {short="Udine", full="Province of Udine", region="FVG", coa="Provincia di Udine-Stemma.svg", sort="Udine, Province of"},
	VA = {short="Varese", full="Province of Varese", region="LOM", coa="", sort="Varese, Province of"},
	VB = {short="Verbano-Cusio-Ossola", full="Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola", region="PMN", coa="", sort="Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Province of"},
	VC = {short="Vercelli", full="Province of Vercelli", region="PMN", coa="", sort="Vercelli, Province of"},
	VE = {short="Venice", full="Metropolitan City of Venice", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Venice, Metropolitan City of"},
	VI = {short="Vicenza", full="Province of Vicenza", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Vicenza, Province of"},
	VR = {short="Verona", full="Province of Verona", region="VEN", coa="", sort="Verona, Province of"},
	VS = {short="Medio Campidano", full="Province of Medio Campidano", region="SAR", coa="Sin escudo.svg", sort="Medio Campidano, Province of"},
	VT = {short="Viterbo", full="Province of Viterbo", region="", coa="", sort="Viterbo, Province of"},
	VV = {short="Vibo Valentia", full="Province of Vibo Valentia", region="", coa="", sort="Vibo Valentia, Province of"},