List of medieval philosophers

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 BornFl.Bcmp PagesDiedCountry
William of Champeaux1070-01-01110511122France
Peter Abelard1079-01-01111481142France
Robert Grosseteste1170-01-01120591253England
Robert Bacon12250
Peter of Ireland1193-01-01122801274Ireland
Albert the Great1193-01-011228101274Germany
Hamo of Faversham12300England
Adam Marsh1200-01-01123011259England
John le Page12300
William of Sherwood1200-01-01123551265England
Nicholas of Paris12350
Richard Rufus of Cornwall1200-01-0112358England
Richard Fishacre1205-01-01124051248England
Richard the Sophister12400England
Peter of Spain1240?5
William Arnauld1208-01-01124311255France
Roger Bacon1214-01-011249101294England
Robert Kilwardby1215-01-01125031279England
Henry of Ghent1217-01-01125251293Ghent
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