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Totally Nourish
SloganBe All You Can Be
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Founded n/a
Headquarters Template:Country data UK Birmingham, Midlands, [[Country_Name:=United Kingdom|UK]]
ProductsAllergy Tests, skin care products, high quality supplements
Contact Lakeside, 180 Lifford Lane
B30 3NU
0800 085 7749
[ Totally Nourish website]
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Totally Nourish is an online retailer of high quality health products including vitamin & mineral supplements, health foods, books and skincare. We are the preferred retailer for all Patrick Holford formulated supplements, including his very popular Optimum Nutrition Packs and his low-GL diet range. We also sell a wide range of his most popular books. We choose to only sell supplements manufactured by BioCare because we believe they offer the highest quality products on the market. Our skin care ranges include Environ, Beyond Organic, Live Native and Akamuti – all manufacturers who believe in the richness of natural, organic nutrients. Our health food range includes Cherry Active, intensely rich in anti-oxidants and Mangosteen juice, reputed to be a favourite of Kate Moss.

allergy testing

Totally Nourish stock a range of top quality health test kits. The main test kit manufacturer we work with is Yorktest because we believe they provide the most accurate results and excellent after care service. Products include their world renowned Food allergy and food intolerance tests. Yorktest run this testing as a 2 step process. They advise you try the First Step FoodScan initially which tests for allergies in 6 food groups. This test only costs £19.99 and so is a cost effective way of finding out if you have any food intolerances. If your test returns negative then you can be reassured for less than £20. If it returns positive, we advise you to take the 113 FoodScan test which will tell you which, out of 113 different foods or food groups, you have an intolerance to. And your initial payment for the First Step Foodscan is reimbursed - so it is definitely money well spent.

Patrick Holford Supplements

Totally Nourish is an online retailer of health products and is the preferred retailer for the Patrick Holford range of supplements, manufactured by BioCare. Patrick Holford has had a very successful career as a nutrition expert, writing over 30 books and formulating a number of very well researched products. He has had particular success with his low-GL weight loss programme which uses a very simple system to ensure people following the programme stick to only low-GL foods. At Totally Nourish we sell his range of low-GL products, identified by their red packaging within the Holford Range category. This includes GL Support, a blend of 3 nutrients recommended by Patrick and Get Up a Go, which is a low-GL, highly nutritious breakfast shake powder that comes in a 300g pot and can be mixed with water, juice or milk.

Children's Health

At Totally Nourish we aim to give health support to everyone, male and female and for all ages, from the elderly generation all the way down to their great grandchildren. We have a growing range of children’s products including Get Up and Go which is a breakfast shake designed for children. So most importantly it tastes lovely. It is lightly flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla and sweetened with the extremely healthy sweetener xylitol. It also has a full range of extremely nutritious ingredients including fibre, essential fats, protein and slow sugar releasing carbohydrates – all cunningly disguised in a powder. And finally it’s easy to prepare. You just throw a few scoops into a blender with some milk and any fruit they like and whizz up. Your children can then drink it like a smoothie. Tasty, healthy, quick and easy! Which is why we are keen to promote this great product at

AntiAging Creams and health supplements

Antioxidants are great as they protect our bodies from free radicals that form in our body as a result of metabolism. The body has inherent natural means by which to protect itself from free radicals but produced in excessive amounts, they could cause damage to cells.

Exposure to environmental pollution, high exercise or poor diets could mean even higher amounts of free radicals in our bodies. Totally Nourish stock a range of antioxidant products from capsules to tablets from Patrick Holford’s AGE antioxidant capsules to Electrosmog detectors which can help to identify high areas of pollution, so you can identify hotspots. There are also health cordials like Cherry Active, which count as one of your five a day which can really help to boost your antioxidant intake in just one 30ml serving.

Holford Health Books

Totally Nourish is an online retailer of a range of health products. We sell everything from supplements to healthy food and from natural skincare products to home test kits. We also sell a range of health books written by Patrick Holford. Patrick Holford is one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts and has written over 30 books on a range of subjects related to health. His overriding view is that nutrition plays an incredibly vital role in our health – both how we feel day to day, and our longer term health. At Totally Nourish we are big supporters of Patrick Holford. His depth of knowledge is incredible and his enthusiasm contagious so we are very pleased to support him and help our customers find out more about they can help themselves to better health.

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