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Rev. Richard "Shrimpy" Ramsey


Born: Santa Cruz, California

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Rev. Ramsey (often called "Rev. Shrimpy" or simply "Shrimpy") is a minister/spiritual adviser who currently resides in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Among other notable accomplishments he's a published poet, started his own coffee shop at age 18, was an Assistant Chaplain to the Indiana State militia, co-owner and salesman for "Under The Red Fez", and had a short term Christian Wrestling career.

The nickname "Shrimpy" is based off of the fact that Rev. Ramsey stands in at six and a half feet tall (although often quoted as saying "they call me 'Shrimpy' because I taste good in cocktail sauce") Rev. Ramsey is well known for his witty, sarcastic and often times smart-alek humor.

Currently Rev. Ramsey works along with the charity Voice of Roma. A group created to teach the truth about Romani (Gypsy) prejudice and dissipate the western stereotypes. Rev. Ramsey is a born Romnichal.

Interview with Rev. Richard "Shrimpy" Ramsey


Lets get started.

Shrimpy: yes, lets do that.

I hear your no stranger to interviews, didn't you just sit-in on an interview with Matt Theissen of Relient K?

Shrimpy: yes, actually I just happen to luck into that. I was in Ohio on business and ran into him as he was going into his hotel room. I hadn't spoke to him in forever and he invited me up to hang out and he happened to be doing an interview for a Christian magazine and I threw in a few words here and there.

sounds exciting

Shrimpy: well anything involving myself and Matt is always bound to be exciting

so I take it you and Matt are good friends?

Shrimpy: well, not really "good friends" but we know each other and we're both Christians and we both love the same kind of music. But actually we rarely ever hung out, but we do have fun when we rarely get to hang out.

is it harder now that he's famous?

Shrimpy: well yeah, I mean it's still hard for me to think of him as "famous" because he's still the shaggy-headed blonde Canadian goof I used to work with in Kentucky.

speaking of famous Christians that you once worked with, is it true that you used to work with comedian's Bob Smiley and Heywood Banks and are personal friends with Apologetix?

Shrimpy: yes and no, I worked at the same festival as Bob Smiley and I had dinner with him and his family, but other than that I’ve only spoken to him two or three times. As far as Heywood, I’m a huge fan and of course he's also from Indiana so we've met a few times and he knows of my family. As far as Apologetix, I’m also a huge fan and I try to see them whenever they come around, but I wouldn't feel right about calling them my "personal friends" although I wish that were true. I've talked with their manager and ex-guitarist Karl on a few occasions, but I’m sure I came across more as an "annoying fan" than "personal friend" *laughs*

lets talk about your personal life?

Shrimpy: uh-oh *laughs*

whets next in your life?

Shrimpy: um, who can say really? I mean, I’m still working, still advising but I’ve lived my life long enough to know that at any moment boom, everything changes.

ever though about starting a family?

Shrimpy: *laughs* well umm, yes I’ve thought about it and eventually I’d love to start a family. I can't imagine me not having a family in the future.

but not right now?

Shrimpy: I don't know. I suppose with the right person, I don't see why not.

now I see that you've done allot of traveling in your life...

Shrimpy: right

but you've never left the country, why is that?

Shrimpy: monkey pox *laughs* no actually, I just haven't. It isn't that I don't want to, just never had the opportunity. When I move states, its usually not planned, I just kinda go where I feel needed.

well I can see that you've lived a rather impressive life so far; you've started two business', you were a Christian wrestling champion, you've worked with Independent record labels, worked with a Christian magazine, you've become a minister, you worked with the military and your only twenty four years old. is that correct?

Shrimpy: uh, well yeah. I mean on paper that seems rather impressive, but when I lived it, it didn't seem very impressive. I guess I’m just trying this and that until I find exactly what God wants me to do. I mean, I know I’ve been called to be a minister and I’m going to continue that, and I know that I’ve been called to give spiritual advice and I’ll continue that, but as far as where and to whom I work for or with? That’s all on God.

well to wrap this up, as a spiritual adviser, what advice would you give the world?

Shrimpy: When your not laughing, love and when your not loving, laugh. The two greatest gifts God has ever given us and the two strongest forces in the universe are humor and love.

very good advice, anything else you want to add?

Shrimpy: just a thank you to all of my friends for their support in my life and a special thanks to all my friends on my myspace friends list, your all totally awesome, and a special thanks to Jessica for being a wonderful personal photographer. *laughs*

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