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Name: Registration-Manager

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Registration Manager

Why be in line when you can be online? Online registration manager is a state of art online registration system from the house of Softura Pvt Ltd. Focusing to provide the hassle free online registrations to schools, event managers, active families and individuals. Softura’s online registration manager application ensures customer success and satisfaction.

Registration Manager is an industry leading online registration software, class registration software , event registration software , and seminar registration software from its product range to various verticals of the businesses..

Customized and Comprehensive With one partner, you can utilize a full-range of services. Whether you need just one of our services or all of them, we provide customized tools including event online registration software, web-based event management software, and credit card processing.


- The customizable online registration process takes care of your specific program and activity needs

- All online registrations are handled and tracked within the system, so there's no need for separate books or management systems

- Credit-card payment for participants, donations, and supplies can be taken directly on your website

- Our online system software eases the daunting process of splitting participants into groups, teams, or sections

- Schedules are easily built and maintained online

- Communications are painlessly handled-whether it's website content, email, or newsletters

- Easy access reporting tools provide powerful insights into your organization's members and participants

- Past program text and information can be reused - no more re-keying information

- Participants can be solicited for donations and/or for volunteering as an integrated part of the online registration process

- Online Registration Manager allows your visitors to automatically register themselves online to your website and business.

- Fully customizable -- customize layout, add new fields

- Place directly in your own website or use as a stand alone application

- Admin pages give you full access to all registrants' information

- Admin pages allow you to edit/add/delete registrants