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Digby. 2

The author's name is given at the end of the compendium on the categories as 'Willelmus fratrum de Montoriel'.

  • De kalendariis Anonymous f. 001-25v
  • Logica `Cum sit nostra' Anonymous f. 026r-45v
  • De praedicabilibus Guillelmus de Montoriel f. 068r-79v
  • In Praedic. Aristot. Summa Guillelmus de Montoriel f. 080r-84v
  • In Periherm. Aristot. Guillelmus de Montoriel f. 085r-94v
  • Computus versificatus (frgm.) Anonymous f. 095r-v
  • De computoria Anonymous f. 096r-111r
  • De compositione quadrantis Anonymous f. 112r-121v
  • Abstractiones Richardus Sophista f. 122r-140v
  • Philosophia Aristotelis Rogerus Bourth f. 141r-147v
  • Formulae Anonymous f. 149r-150r
  • Tractatus: Quid est littera? Anonymous f. 150v-152v
  • Fallaciae ad modum Oxoniae Anonymous f. 46r-67v

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