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Name: HCC Pharmacy Solutions


HCC Pharmacy Business Solutions takes pharmacy design to a new level by offering pharmacy consultants, project managers and more to pharmacies around the nation. Pharmacy Business Solutions includes pharmacy consultants, project managers, pharmacy management, and operational experts that work towards achieving your pharmacy's goals. Whether you are opening a brand new pharmacy or have an existing pharmacy, HCC's Pharmacy Design Solutions can help.

HCC Pharmacy Business Solutions works with pharmacy owners, managers and administrators that seek assistance from our expertise including:

  • Planning and implementing a pharmacy design, pharmacy startup or pharmacy expansion
  • Improving pharmacy performance
  • Interim pharmacy management
  • Managing regular required inspections, audits and more

Expert Pharmacy Design

HCC specializes in pharmacy design services for independent pharmacies as well as selling pharmacy equipment. HCC's pharmacy designers have completed pharmacy design work for hospitals, retail pharmacies, compounding and closed pharmacies.

When working on your pharmacy design, we can incorporate laminated wood or metal units that can be customized to your specific needs. We use our work flow expertise to our advantage and add the elements to your pharmacy necessary for your success.

For more information on our pharmacy design solutions, visit

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