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Genius Tablets
SloganPen Graphic Tablets
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Taiwan based Genius KYE Systems is a worldwide leader in manufacturing quality graphic tablets for computers. The company was founded in 1983 and quickly extended its operations opening offices in the USA, UK, Germany, HK and building a global service network. Genius is also known for developing pointing devices, digital imaging and gaming products for PC as well as accessories and components for mobile phones. In 1995 Genius produced computer mouse with wheel as the first company in the world. Genius provides solutions for products, marketing, finance, logistic and services.

Genius Pen Tablets stand for powerful graphic features and high performance on a budget. Genius offers quality, creativity and technology combined in competitively priced tablet products. Genius has a wide range of graphic tablets designed for all kinds of users: those who draw for fun as well as professionals (designers, artists, etc.) who do creative painting for business. Genius Graphics Tablets combine multiple features to match specific requirements of their different users:

- 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and thickness control - 28 programmable shortcut keys for instant access to Office and Internet functions - Vista plug and play - handwriting recognition compatible - 9” x 5.5” and 7.25” x 5.5” switchable working area for wide/4:3 screens - Creative rolling pad for scrolling in four directions, zooming in/out and volume up/down - 4000 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity for a highly reactive cursor - And many other

Check Genius Fun, Style and Power Tablet Series to fit your individual needs.

Genius Fun Series Products:

- EasyPen i405 - G-Pen 560 - G-Pen 4500 - G-Pen 450

Genius Style Series Products:

- G-Pen F350 - G-Pen F509 - G-Pen F610

Genius Power Series Products:

- MousePen i608 - G-Pen M609 - G-Pen M609X - G-Pen 712 - G-Pen 712X - MousePen 8x6 - PenSketch 9x12

Genius Tablets are designed to make photo editing, sketching, drawing, painting, handwriting simpler and more productive. You can easily enhance or add personal touch to your photos; sketch and draw; paint artistic and unique masterpiece; personalize your notes, messages and documents with your own handwriting; mark your comments and ideas on digital documents.

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