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Stickers in French Stickers in English

The Atelier de la Marte produces and ships fully customizable stickers all over the world through its commercial unit [1]

Design customizable stickers offers original decoration stickers. First You choose an orginal shape for your decoration and you custom it as you want. You choose the material (gold, miror effect, half transparent with frosted effect, fluorescent, phosphorescent or a normal vinyl ...) then the size, the direction and finally mat or glossy.

ORN-064-resized.jpg ORN-031-resized.jpg G6_083-resized.jpg

PERS-024-resized.jpg VOY-057-resized.jpg ENF-053-resized.jpg

Text sticker

The website is very convenient, it guides you intuitively through the choices. the possibilities are infinite. You can even create your text sticker with your own text within minutes. It is also very simple, you type in your text, you choose your font, the color and the size of your lettering sticker. And that is done !

It is great if you fancy to stick a quote in your living room or a recipe in the kitchen or your favorite song in your bedroom

texte-browse13-en-GB.jpg texte-browse11-en-GB.jpg

Stickers for windows or shop windows

Cars Stickers also provides Stickers for cars for decoration or professional purposes.

TUN-022-resized.jpg TUN-003-resized.jpg TUN-024-resized.jpg also provides Stickers for shop windows on his specific page or on demand.

TRO-003-resized.jpg G6_081-resized.jpg


Photo gallery

A0_003-resized.jpg A0_005-resized.jpg F1_054-resized.jpg B5_216-resized.jpg L5_061-resized.jpg CAD-014-resized.jpg FEE-001-resized.jpg NAT-034-resized.jpg VOY-025-resized.jpg VOY-048-resized.jpg ENF-081-resized.jpg FORM-059-resized.jpg VOY-057-resized.jpg

Design your text sticker with your own text ( It is fast and easy !)



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