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Name: Assistive Technology Services

State: Tennessee
Phone: 866-927-3577
Email: []
Contact: Ron Arnold
Title: Founder

It Is Time To STOP Paying Monthly Monitoring Service Fees for Your Alert System Ask youself why you are paying a monthly fee for something you do not have to pay for. Find out how to not pay monthly monitoring service fees.

Tens of thousands of people just like you have eliminated the monthly fees that they are paying for a Medical Alert System and switched to a system that they own themselves that does the same thing, calls for help when you need it.

Our systems will call the numbers that you program into it, friends, family, emergency phone numbers, even 911.

Our systems dial the phone numbers directly so you can bypass the monitoring service and their fees.

Why pay for something when these systems will do it for you for free.

Our systems start at only $69.99. You can pay for this system in just a couple of months with the savings from eliminating your monitoring service.

Our systems have many of the following features:

- Wireless pendants - Waterproof pendants - Wrist watch pendants - Waterproof wrist pendants - Talking Caller ID - Systems with telephones built in - Daily Health Check for your the user - 2 way speakerphones - Pendant that you can talk through



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