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Ahmet Utku Ozan is Turkish-American lecturer, clinician and consultant in dentistry. He is the director and CEO of Maximum Dental Inc.[1]


Dr. Ahmet Utku Ozan received his DDS degree from Gazi University, Faculty of Dentistry in Ankara, Turkey, where he completed his residential program in general dentistry in 1999. He owns a group of practices, including a teaching facility equipped for hands-on lectures, and he is executive director of continuing education programs. His popular proven methods endodontic programs have been presented throughout the United States and internationally. Dr. Ozan is being selected in Top 100 Clinicians and Leaders in Continuing Education since 2005 in the USA.[2] He has been consulting for product development and manufacturing in endodontics as well as general dentistry. Dr. Ozan supplements his position of being on the cutting edge of instruction and technology by attending lectures and dental conventions in the United States and internationally, continually gathering and updating information on endodontic techniques, and participating in and following up on clinical studies. He shares this clinically proven information in his lectures.


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