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TripLocator is an online travel company based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. It provides online travel services to some of the most popular travel destinations around the globe.

TripLocator's web application provides a forum to bring together travelers and tour operators to book holidays and activities around the world. The site is an online marketplace where local tour operators can list their holiday packages and travelers can book tickets, tours hotels and other services.

The TripLocator site offers a wide range of travel packages run by local tour operators. Visitors can rate and post reviews of the services, tours and package deals listed on the website.

TripLocator at a glance
Type of site: Public
Founded: August 2016
Headquarters: Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
Area served: Worldwide
Founder(s): Prakash Sapkota
Key sectors: Industry, Travel & Hospitality
Products: Vacation rentals, Travel guides, Travel packages, Hotels, Restaurants
Employees: 11


TripLocator was founded in August 2016 by Mr. Prakash Sapkota, an entrepreneur in the travel sector with a long history of involvement in the tourism industry, in both Nepal and the USA.

In the course of his career in the industry, Mr Sapkota traveled to many countries including Thailand, Korea, Japan, Canada, and the USA and UK, to promote his businesses. It was from his travels and experience that the concept for TripLocator was born.

Mr Sapkota wanted a platform that would enable customers to book tickets and trips online, combining accessibility with a focus on using local agents and making a social contribution to the countries in which his business operated. He was keen to prioritize customer experience and to build strong relationships with guests of his website.

Site features: for customers

TripLocator offers verified pre-arranged trip packages, with 24/7 customer support before and during your trip. Tour operators are hand-picked experts, and customers are encouraged to leave reviews of both TripLocator and its partner organizations.

Customers have the right to cancel a trip up to 24 hours before its scheduled start time without incurring any charges from TripLocator. TripLocator also gives its customers a full money-back guarantee in the event that an operator cancels a scheduled activity, and offers customers the opportunity to choose a new activity at a 10% discount.

Site features: for partners

TripLocator partners and affiliates can access a range of benefits, including commission and incentives, the TripLocator recording and tracking system, and a gateway to a global travel market.

The company welcomes partnerships with international travel services, airlines and ticketing companies, vacation and cruise trip providers and car rentals, among others.

Corporate social responsibility

TripLocator has undertaken to commit 1% of its annual profits to improving the quality of life and preserving the environment in its destination countries. Its not-for-profit foundation is currently engaged in building schools in remote areas of Nepal.

The company directors have stated their intention to expand their social contribution to other countries as their business grows.