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SIGI TRARBACH-NAZARIO.jpg Sigrid "Sigi" Regina Trarbach-NazarioFlag.jpg

The name Sigrid dirives from Norse mythology. A Valkyrie named Sigrdrifa who was mentor to Sigurd. In the story she is identified with Brynhildr.

Sigrdrifa the valkyrie.jpgValkyrie Sigrdrifa Germania.jpg Germania

Regina is Germanic for Queen

Sigi was born in Germany, November 6, 1958 to Walter Trarbach and Marga Wolf in a small town called Büchenbeuren near Hahn Air Force Base located in the Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis District of Rheineland Pfalz approximately 123 km west of Frankfurt.

Baby sigi.jpg

Buchenbeuren.jpg Buchenbeuren crest.jpg Bundeswappen.jpg

She was one of four siblings and leaves behind her Mother Marga, Sister Waltraud Theis and her two brothers, Ulrich and Walter Trarbach Jr.


Sigi’s father, Walter Sr. passed away,23 September 1990.


She was admitted into this country in 1980 when she was granted “Permanent Resident Alien” status. She never gave up her German citizenship as she was proud to be a German. She displayed this on the back of her leather riding vest on a patch that said: “Ich bin stolz eine Deutscher zu Sein: I am proud to be a German”.


She passed the Board of Foreign Nursing Schools Exam in New York City and became a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts. During the course of her career as a nurse, she gained proficiency in Anestisiology, Trauma, Emergency Room, Pediatrics, Psychiatrics and Geriatric long term care. She loved being a caregiver. She was extremely intelligent and was well loved and respected amongst her colleagues.


After her car accident in November 2001, she had difficulty in her Recovery and gave up nursing. This was a most difficult decision because she loved being a nurse and She was good at it. She worked hard at everything she did and said “if I make six dollars or sixty dollars an hour I will work at my best”.


Sigi loved her animals and she would just assume go hungry before letting them starve. Whenever we went to a place like MacDonald’s, we would always bring home a couple of double cheeseburgers for our dog Harley who she often referred to as; Meine Hodie and the big-a-thing. Her animals were her children. Her animals will miss her. I think that today these animals lost a tremendous friend as well as a mother.

Mamma and Kittie.jpg

Sigi was an avid gardener. She could rattle off the names of the different species of flower or tree and especially loved orchids. She worked hard in the garden and would often get dirty and cut up digging around in the dirt. She never would wear gloves because she always wanted to feel the earth as she cultivated it for her gardens. She loved her gardens as it brought her a tremendous sense of pride and joy.


Sigi loved her handicrafts. She would knit, crochet and do stitchery projects. She loved making things with her hands. Sigi was a perfectionist and would pull apart a queen sized blanket to get rid of the slightest fault and start all over again. I used to call her my spider because she would spin out these beautiful blankets, doilies, plant hangers and much more.


She also loved to read books. Her book library has approximately 1000 books in it spread out over the whole house. Every room has some form of a collection of books in it.


Sigi loved her Fairies and would collect them. They surrounded her lost daughter Hanna Jasmine whom she called her “pixie fairy”.


Sigi loved going out on the Harley with me. Rain or shine, cold or warm, she never complained, but loved the feeling of soaring down a highway in the open air with me on our motorcycle. We traveled all over. She never felt insecure with me at the controls, because she had faith and trust in me to always get us home. Whenever we spent time apart as she was recovering in hospitals, she would love to see me walking in dressed in my riding gear, carrying my helmet and she would be happy to see me.

Riding.jpg Last ride.jpg

We had this incredible connection that was special in a sense that we could just look at each other and know exactly what we were feeling. She always had this “infectious magnetism” that just drew you into her world.. She maintained a certain loyalty that was almost unheard of and she kept it to the very end.. I could never ask for a better wife, companion and friend..She was truly and without a doubt, my best friend.. Throughout the last ten years of my life, I can honestly say to all of you here today that; through all of the pleasure, pain and adversity we faced , we always held on to each other and our love never ended.

Mamma and Pappa.jpg

Sigi maintained a wonderful relationship with my family and had a special bond with my Grandmother Virginia. She was loved by all of my family and will be missed sorely.


At the time of her death, I realized the time had come. I sat with her stroking her head with one hand and holding her head with the other saying to her; “Du sind Meine treuester liebe und Ich liebe dich mit alle mein herzen. Schlafe, Meine liebe, Schlafe, Ist die alles gut” (You are my dear love and I love you with all of my heart, sleep my love, sleep. It’s all good). She stared into my eyes, attentively, as if she had that final moment of clarity and I know that she knew exactly what I was saying. When I finished, she gave me that all too familiar single nod of her head and she faded off and passed away in peace in her own home, with love. with dignity and with me at her side.

She deserved nothing less and I will truly miss her for the remainder of my days in this world.. I will carry that event inside me for the rest of my life both with pain and comfort that we were there for each other until the very end.


Out of all of this what remains, is that we are, and always will be, friends for life.

I know that she is still with me and someday we will meet again in the kingdom of heaven.

Guten nacht meine treuester Leibe… Schlafe im Himmelische Ruh. (Good night my dear love, sleep in heavenly peace)

Ihr Liebende Ehemann, Your Loving Husband-

Bill Nazario, 23 December 2007

Goodbye and Thanks:

Auf Wieder Sehen Meine Liebe, Ich will nicht vergessen meine Sigi, Ich liebe Dich. Until we meet again my love, I will never forget my Sigi, I love you.

I want to thank our families and friends for all of your support through this most difficult time. I also wish to thank; Laura Lee, Liz, Kathy, Meredith and all the rest at Hospice Services of Wareham, Dr. Kevin Murphy, Dr. Meredith Gilson and Dr. Donald Steele and special thanks to Pastor Kenneth Rutherford at the Advent Lutheran Evangelical Church in Middleboro, Ma. for all of your support, I know that Sigi is grateful to have had all of you in her life. Thanks to Chris Conseletti at Wareham Village Funeral Home for the fine work you did to bring “Dignity” to my loving wife. Sigi was very special to me and to all the lives whom have had the “privilege” to have been touched by her. Like a fairy she had that special “magic” about her.