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Launched to a fanfare, less than 6 days ago, the team who brought you have finally delivered their unique SEO solution that almost instantly catapults visibility for any website onto the 1st page of Google within 1 business hour.

Rochester, NY - "Truly outstanding and possibly one of the fastest ways to get any website visibility on the major search engines, social networking sites and video platforms we have already seem tremendous success and growth in less than 1 week" advised Sofia Lim, spokesperson for Medream, the company behind the new venture.

"To say that we have literally helped turn the process of off-site SEO on its head, and are able to capture our clients visibility so quickly, and with such a huge success rate; not to mention with no changes made to their website, is truly phenomenal" adds Miss Lim when asked just how well the whole idea of video SEO to gain a promotional advantage had been received by its existing and new clients.

Although a concept known within certain circles in the industry, treads into a relatively new concept area, taking a clients website, and encapsulating a full commercial video for it and then releasing it through mainstream video sites, which then trickle down to the likes of Google and delivers 1st page rankings in record breaking time.

Although not the actual site URL that is ranked on the very first page of Google, it is the actual video advertisement for the site that, just like mainstream commercials directs a viewer/listener to the website encapsulated within its very own unique commercial. A truly innovative approach to a common problem of how to get exposure on the first page of the search engines without having to wait weeks or even months for any kind of results.

When asked to comment on the rather "sexy nature" of their new website, Miss Lim commented; "The concept behind is we believe a rather unique one, which is why we have gone for a flash, brazen and rather cheeky look to the site, and this is what our customers should remember. We know what it takes to get customers looking at a website and how the right look and image can get the foot-flow literally flowing; after all who doesnt want it Now Now?".

For more information on how can help your website simply visit - Their motto is "Get your SEO NowNow!"

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