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Semantic tags are codes that provide metadata to pieces of information. For example, consider a rental DVD in a video store. The content of the movie itself is the information, but the metadata related to that DVD could include:

  • Name of the film's director
  • Names of the actors in the film
  • Length in minutes
  • Year of first release
  • Number of times the DVD unit has been rented in the past 12 months
  • Whether the DVD unit is "in" the store or "out" with a customer

For information about semantic tags on the MyWikiBiz site, see Help:Semantic tagging.

Typically in semantic web notation, semantic tags take on two forms -- attributes and relations. Note the difference between the attribute link (:=), and the relation link (::). Some examples:

[[partner of::Dia Strala]]
[[competitor of::Pizza Express]]