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Pond liner logo.gif Your Source for High-Quality Water Garden & Pond Supplies has been providing high-quality water garden and pond supplies since 1998. Pondliner carries over 1,700 products from top industry brands including OASE, Savio, Firestone, Atlantic Water Gardens, FlexFlo and more. Whether you need pond liners, pond filters, pond lights, pond pumps, pond vacuums, pond skimmers or a complete pond kit, has the exceptional products you need to build and maintain a beautiful backyard pond.

Pond Liners

Pond liners are the foundation of your pond, and prides itself on providing the durable and flexible products that will keep it strong. Their EPDM pond liner and PVC pond liner are two exceptional products to consider. Both are easy to install, safe for fish and other pond life and constructed with the best pond liner material available.

Pond Vacuums

Fish pond vacuums from make pond cleaning simple and enjoyable. They are popular with existing customers because of their convenience and ease of use, and they are perfect for cleaning algae blooms, fish waste, dead leaves, and other dirt that may collect at the bottom of your pond. Pond vacuum cleaners are an essential tool for a healthy backyard pond, and all of the models provided by come with a variety of beneficial features.

Pond Pumps

The pond pump is the heart of your water garden. This essential tool is responsible for aerating your pond and circulating water through the filtration system to keep it clean. carries four different types of pond pumps that are defined according to the function they serve. Whether you need a direct drive pump, magnetic drive pump, statuary pump or external drive pump, has the quality brands you need.

Pond Filters

Fish pond filters from help keep your pond clean and healthy by regularly cleaning debris and biological waste from the water. Each of their pond filter systems has a varying degree of mechanical or biological filtration, so you can find the model that best meets your pond’s needs.

Pond Skimmers

Keeping your pond water sparkling clean is easy with pond skimmers from These efficient products collect debris and dirt from the surface of the water and they can be easily disguised to maintain the natural look of your pond. offers a variety of pond skimmers including Koi pond skimmers, water garden skimmers and more.

Pond Lights

Brighten up your pond or water garden with pond lights from Nighttime is one of the best times to enjoy your pond, and pond lights are a great way to highlight its best features. has a variety of LED lights, mini pond lights, and more.

When you need the best selection of pond supplies in the business, visit They have an extensive selection of pond products from top industry brands, and their helpful representatives are eager to help you create a beautiful backyard pond.

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