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OmegaT+ Computer Assisted Translation Platform

OmegaT+ is a free computer-assisted translation (CAT) platform for use by translators and other language professionals in their work.

It is a project that is hosted on SourceForge, a repository of free software projects and other resources.

Tools developed on this project include OmegaT+, bitext2tmx, and Validator. There are also a few other third party applications included.

OmegaT+ (the application) is a machine-aided human translation (MAHT) tool that acts as a translation processor to aid translators in the translation of document contents. It includes various features, such as translation memory via TMX, glossary function, exact and approximate matching, file filters for assorted document types (DocBook, HTML/XHTML, Java properties, OpenDocument (ODF), (OOo), OOXML, plain text, PO, and a few others. MS Office formats are handled by conversion to ODF or OOo before use; via free tools such as, and a translation project oriented paradigm for managing work.

The current stable version of OmegaT+ is 1.0 M1. The next release, 1.0.M2, is in progress and will be released in the near future. Version 1.0.M2 will have substantial changes included, such as: sentence segmentation, updated document filters, improved user interface, and so forth. As a milestone version, it will still be a development version, albeit stable enough for most working situations since it has been tested over a long duration on real translation projects.

bitext2tmx is an aligner/converter to TMX application that enables users to create TMX from plain text versions of a document in two different languages. A user can edit the original and translated text side-by-side to match properly and then save out a TMX that can be used in other applications, like OmegaT+, thereby enabling more reuse of previous translation in other new translations.

Current stable version is 1.0 M0. Version 1.0.M1 will see progress once OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 is released.

Validator is a simple application to validate TMX to ensure that they conform properly to the standard and are not broken or corrupted. A user can also clean out invalid characters that could break the TMX when used with certain applications.

Current stable version is 1.0 RC1. A new version is in progress, details to come later.


OmegaT+ was first started in June 2005. It was initially the result of a fork of OmegaT, but intended as a suite of applications and not primarily a single application.

The first release on the project was omegat 1.4.5 (since renamed to OmegaT+) in late August 2005. Unfortunately, soon after its release certain OmegaT project members took to an antagonistic view towards OmegaT+ and launched a campaign of attacks that included libelous and defamatory comments.

There was a misunderstanding about the license for documentation that eventually resulted in OmegaT+ removing its version and at the same time resulted in OmegaT choosing to rewrite its own version to avoid copyright infringement, to which it had been in fault of by not giving copyright attribution to the OmegaT+ author.

Between late 2005 and early 2006, version 1.4.6 of omegat was released. After this, a lull in releases occurred, but with private development continuing. Finally, in March 2008 OmegaT+ version 1.0 M1 was released.

In May 2006, OmegaT+ started to work with the bitext2tmx project to provide improvements. Preliminary CVS versions were provided on the bitext2tmx project with the current stable version 0.9 also on the OmegaT+ project. After a delay, in February 2008 a new release of bitext2tmx 1.0 M0 appeared.

OmegaT+ also added Validator to its set of applications in May 2007. Version 1.0 RC1 is a Java Swing version of TMXValidator (released under open source license) which is a SWT application.



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