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‎New Momentum offers SaaS‐based Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software that combats the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from global outsourcing and Internet trading. The company’s solutions, which provide unmatched visibility into the global open market, include Enterprise Brand Protection (anti‐counterfeiting) and Enterprise [Sales Intelligence](finds channel violations).


  • Enterprise Brand Intelligence
  • Enterprise Sales Intelligence
  • MAP Monitor


  • High Tech Industry Challenges
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges
  • Luxury Goods Industry Challenges

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New Momentum provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of sources out of reach by traditional methods/solutions. Since counterfeit and channel violation listings often go on and off the Web within 48 hours, only real-time solutions such as New Momentum find all the violators. Because the quality of our data is unmatched, with customers reporting an 80% savings in the cost of test buys.

New Momentum also offers a complete end-to-end brand protection solution that includes investigation and unique enforcement services shut down the violators without costly and time consuming trials. What’s more, our in-house brand protection experts provide unique services in response to individual inquiries from customers.

New Momentum - "Stopping suspects. Protecting brand"