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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Saturday April 13, 2024
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Users who wish to make money by optimizing their involvement with MyWikiBiz have several possibilities to consider. However, the primary rule that must remain paramount throughout your engagement with MyWikiBiz is this:

Never exploit MyWikiBiz to such a degree that it diminishes the value of MyWikiBiz to other users.

If you are willing to abide by that rule always, you may consider the following possibilities at your disposal:

  • Promote yourself and your business
(The best way to exploit MyWikiBiz is to make sure YOUR enterprise is communicating its key marketing messages within MyWikiBiz)

  • Paid editing
(After you've learned the ropes, help other individuals or organizations flesh out their space on MyWikiBiz, in exchange for a fee)


  • External links
(Insert hyperlinks that will take MyWikiBiz users to other sites that earn you money)
  • Reference citations
(Got an Amazon Associates referral account? Use it to link reference citations and facts in MyWikiBiz articles to your Amazon book page.)

Google AdSense

(Embed Google ads in specific MyWikiBiz pages, which will be coded to your AdSense account)