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Israel News Agency

The Israel News Agency (INA) is an online news agency created by Joel Leyden in 1995 which distributes direct news feeds from the Israel Government Press Office in addition to local news and editorials from Israel to a wider audience.

The INA is fully accredited by the Israel Government Press Office. The agency has been a news source for Google News since 2002.

The Israel News Agency was responsible for reporting and creating Web sites regarding the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the IDF Shear Yishuv disaster, as well as terrorist attacks against Israel's civilian population. Links to INA stories have been used by the Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs, CNN, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Yediot, Maariv and others on-line, broadcast and print news media outlets.

The Israel News Agency recently promoted a news political contest called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in response to the Holocaust cartoon contest sponsored by Iran's daily newspaper Hamshahri.

The Israel News Agency operates in English, and does not have a Hebrew counterpart.

Criticism of Wikipedia

The news agency has recently engaged in a feud with both the management and some administrators of the Wikipedia community over deletions of this article and articles about Israel News Agency contributors from the Wikipedia website. Two writers: Joel Leyden and Debbie Lahav, have accused a few wikipedia administrators of "anti-semitism".


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