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Welcome to, an online bidding marketplace for buying and selling Real Estate Owned, bank owned houses, or REO houses. REO houses are properties that owners, such as banks or lenders, were unable to sell the property at the foreclosure sale. We've helped market and sell thousands of properties per month through exclusive relationships with sellers, and we're one of the most credible and recognized teams in the real estate industry.

At, we are proud to be part of Altisource Portfolio Solutions™ (ASPS), a company with an impressive track record in the REO industry. We're fortunate to have a senior leadership team made up of the top experts in online and product marketing who have significant experience building and servicing many successful online real estate products and brands. Based on what we've learned over the years about the process of selling and buying REO homes, we've built using our proprietary tools and technologies to manage our customers' online auctions and online marketing solutions. gives the average home buyer a place to bid on REO properties through online Time Limit and No Time Limit bidding formats. A Time Limit bid format allows the owner of the property to set a time limit on the sale. There is also a minimum bid, or offer, and a reserve price, which is not displayed online. The reserve price is generally the lowest price at which the owner is willing to sell the property. A No Time Limit bid format is similar to the conventional real estate sales process where buyers make offers and sellers can make counter offers until a property deal is made. A unique benefit to purchasing a home on is that you can see what other people are bidding for a property and what the highest bid is. That way, you know what the competition is and can feel confident that you are getting a fair market price.

When you search REO properties for sale on, you will see individual REO listings that provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision, including detailed descriptions, photos, features, prices and additional fees, as well as important documents and data associated with the properties – all at no charge to you. Our customer service professionals are dedicated to providing a high level of service to our online customers through online tutorials, live chats with agents and email notifications.

Through our relationship with AltisourceHomes™, we offer a fully integrated property management solution for sellers. In addition, we provide thousands of real estate listings from California to Nevada to Florida and all across the country through our partnership with Ocwen Financial Corporation®, giving buyers more choices and sellers more prospects. It's a win-win situation for everyone.