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Directory:Musik Fabrik Music Publishing

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Name: Musik Fabrik Music Publishing

City: Lagny/Marne
Zip: 77400
Country: France
Email: [mailto:info@classicalmusicow.com info@classicalmusicow.com]
Web: http://www.classicalmusicnow.com
Contact: Paul Wehage
Title: Director

Musik Fabrik is a music publisher speciazed in documenting important music of the past and new music by some of the most exciting composers of the new generation. Our roster includes Germaine Tailleferre of Les Six, Antoine Tisné, Gian Paolo Chiti, Carson P. Cooman, Jean-Thierry Boisseau, Frederick Frahm, Jean-Yves Malmasson, Moyuru Maeda, Paul Wehage and many others.

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