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The restaurant Siloko is open in the summer months of the year. Siloko is in Croatia and is situated in a beautiful bay called Gradina. Gradina is on the west end of the island of Korcula.The island of Korcula lies just off the Dalmatian coast.[1] The owner of the restaurant is Zoran Barcot. The menu features fresh locally caught sea food. It is also known as Tavern Šiloko. In Croatian, Siloko is a southerly wind and it's written Šiloko.[2]

Gradina-On the west end of the island of Korcula (Croatia) Photo by Peter Zuvela

Tavern Šiloko

  • Address: Gradina Bay 58, 20 270 Vela Luka-Island Korcula, Croatia
  • tele: +385 20813 597
  • mob: +385 91 201 1040
  • email contact:

IMG 5512.jpg

The Chapel of Saint Cosmas (Kuzma) and Saint Damian on the island of Korcula. The foundations are from the 6th century AD (Roman), whilst the rest of the Chapel was rebuilt in the 11 century. Photo by Peter Zuvela

Summer Sunset in Gradina (Croatia) at the Siloko Restaurant. Photo by Zoran Barcot
Siloko Logo.jpg


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  2. ^ The Š is pronounced sh.

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A Vela Luka-Vallegrande postcard from 1903, written in Croatian and Italian. Photo taken by Ernesto Furlani. The last Italian language government school was abolished on Korcula on the 13th of September 1876.