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Industrial Robot Repair, Maintenance, & Service

Rimrock’s experience robot technicians are available to assist with additional equipment integration, emergency robot service support, & system moves or reallocations. Rimrock also offers rebuild maintenance of your old equipment. To this end, Rimrock provides robot & automation equipment parts services, 24/7 service support, & one of the largest U.S. integrator robot technician networks.

All robot installation needs periodic maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. Rimrock's technicians can provide preventive maintenance services for your robots or systems. Preventive maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, lubricating and testing to confirm that your robotic system is operating properly. Faulty or worn parts are identified and replaced with your permission.

In addition, Rimrock offers robot redeployment design & rebuild services for fixtures, end of arm tooling, safety, and other process equipment. Upgrade analysis reports can be created to give you a gauge of what process improvements can be made to your existing robot systems. This production consulting includes an analysis of upgrades to software, cabling, programming, end of arm tooling, equipment, & process execution which could be utilized to increase throughput, decrease failure rates, and lower downtime duration.