Jelena Cleary

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Jelena Cleary
Jelena Sofrenovic
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Jelena Cleary (formerly Jelena Sofrenovic)
Residence Template:Country flagicon2 [[City:=Hamilton Mountain|Hamilton Mountain]], [[Province_Name:=Ontario|Ontario]], [[Country_Name:=Canada|CA]]
Known for Married to Detroit Red Wings right wing, Daniel Cleary

Jelena Cleary (formerly Jelena Sofrenovic) is a native of Hamilton Mountain, Ontario. She married Detroit Red Wings right winger, Daniel Cleary.

Sofrenovic attended Sherwood Secondary School in Hamilton. She and Danny Cleary were introduced through mutual friends in 1999. Jelena hadn't known Cleary when he was regarded among the very best young players in the world, but she has known him better than anyone since then, and player Cleary credits Jelena with getting him to refocus on hockey and, more so, to getting into and maintaining top physical conditioning.

They were married on 2004-06-22 and had their daughter Elle a couple of years later. The three generations — Elle, Jelena, and her mother Mila — were all hugging Daniel Cleary on the ice after the Wings won the 2008 Stanley Cup.

Jelena Cleary quotes

  • He credits me, but I credit him.
  • The best thing you can do is always give him support and hope for the best.
  • That broken jaw was a little setback but I always think that things were made to be, and it might just have made him stronger.
  • Obviously, him being a hockey player, we've had our ups and downs, but you roll with the punches. You can't really let things get you down.
  • It's not always as perfect as people think. Every hockey player has a story.

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