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Ideacomb is developed by SpadeWorx, an organization that has a group of highly qualified professionals delivering rich, intuitive, and usable business and consumer applications. We have been recognized in the Top 50 Emerging IT companies list for two consecutive years (2009-10) by NASSCOM®.

We have created User Centered Software EngineeringTM (UCSETM) methodology to design and develop software solutions that are relevant, contextual and effective to the end users. Our latest offering, Ideacomb is focused at providing customized Idea Management solutions to various verticals according to their needs.

Ideacomb is a highly customizable idea management software that can be tailored to as per your needs. Ideacomb enables you to:

  • Implement a platform for collecting ideas from internal and external sources
  • Involve customers, partners and others in the product development process
  • Foster innovation culture
  • Manage Idea Pipeline
  • Measure Key Metrics for ‘Open Innovation’ initiative
  • Generate enthusiasm in employees towards driving the solution

Ideacomb can be easily customized to suit your particular need & requirements pertaining to various aspects of an idea management program-

  • Encourage participation
  • Build communities
  • Collaborative environment
  • Social Networking features
  • Ease of Idea Capture
  • Formal and informal workflow (for Idea Evaluation)
  • Point system for rewards management
  • Identify similar ideas to avoid duplication
  • Auto filtration for objectionable content
  • Reports generation
  • Search Ideas

Get in touch with us today for more information on idea management. Learn how innovative companies are creating breakthrough user interfaces, engaging their users and achieving their business goals with SpadeWorx. Contact us today!