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It's the law that every driver needs to have motor insurance. Car insurance may be deemed as expensive but it is a necessity - it is there to keep yourself and other drivers protected on the roads.

When you're buying car insurance for women, the insurance rate for a female driver is going to be cheaper than it would be for a male driver. Men may think this is not fair, but accidents happen every day on UK roads, and statistics show that although women drivers are just as likely as men to have an accident, it tends to be at a lower speed or generally less serious. So although women are less likely to make a big claim on their car insurance, it's just as important to get the necessary cover.

Why Car Insurance for Women Costs Less

Government figures show that over 92% of convictions for driving offences in the UK are for men.

Men are found responsible for 98% of all convictions for dangerous driving.

Female drivers are thus safer and more law abiding drivers.

Why car insurance companies consider female drivers a lower risk

   * Insurance companies use statistics to assess the risk and set insurance premiums. Statistics gathered over many years show significant differences between the behaviour of male and female drivers.
   * On average women driver shorter distances
   * On average women have lower mileage
   * Women tend to drive more carefully
   * Men tend to drive faster and more recklessly
   * Men make more expensive insurance claims than women
   * Women's accidents tend to be minor compared to men

Top Tips For Women looking for Cheaper Car Insurance

  1. Build up your no claims bonus, when you've held claim free car insurance for over 4 years your discount could be as much as 65%
  2. Restrict drivers on your policy to one other driver ­ preferably an older experienced male driver as this could reduce your premium. Avoid adding young drivers to your policy.
  3. Buy a car with a smaller engine, they're cheaper to insure and cheaper to run ­ leaves you more money for important things like shoes!
  4. Consider voluntary excess ­ but don't go too high.
  5. Work out your mileage. Women drivers tend to drive less than the average mileage that may be suggested. And if you do less than average you should pay less, because the less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident.
  6. If you have access to a garage, use it. Let someone else park on the drive or road and get the savings for yourself (or better still, if there's a male driver in your household who needs the off road savings, negotiate the garage space for a night out!)
  7. Fit an approved security device and follow our steps to protect your car against theft.
  8. Shop around. Some brokers charge up to 30% commission, and there are valuable discounts to be found online. So take your time and get lots of quotes.
  9. Go back to school ­ take the Pass Plus course. You can get up 30% car insurance discount for completing the training!
 10. Move to the country! Cars are more likely to get vandalised or stolen in large towns and cities.
 11. Get a quote from