Rare Jewels

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Template:Infobox Album Rare Jewels (formerly known as ConCept) is the third album by DQ and his second under the label Paradisio Records.


It was first confirmed by Twitter that DQ would be working on a third album. The title, is confirmed as Rare Jewels, which is going to be his first album with a focus on R&b and Soul predominantly and is to be centered around neo-soul, jazz, hip-hop and spoken word. “The idea of this album is to show people that despite the seductive beats that I may create, the moral of the story is what I need for my listeners to get. Without that, a song is just a song,” says DQ. “I want this album to bring to life the many problems and trials that we face, and tell everyone that you can get through the bad times and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Composition & Songs

The album is geared towards a foray into Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop, whilst experimenting with other styles of African-American music, such as R&B, New Jack Swing and Urban/Quiet Storm. The album starts with an Introduction, which draws influences from Neo-Soul and Spoken Word. The next track, Puppet, was originally supposed to be one song on the album, but DQ felt that the track did not flow as creatively as the rest of the album, so a reprise version was created. The original version is beatbox-laden, whereas the reprise version draws influences from Hip Hop and Contemporary R&B. All The Love I Need is influenced by 80's R&B with Hip-Hop. Forever is an R&B track, and the only track to fully showcase DQ's singing and rapping skills. The Jungle (Who I Never Want To Be) draws its influences from Hip Hop artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake. The production has overtones of congas and a triangle. Maybe is Hip-Hop soul, inspired by Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans. The next track, Million Miles Away draws influences from Adele and Duffy. The successive track, Tear It Up, was originally recorded with a Hip Hop and R&B production, but was then changed to a Neo-Soul and Jazz-style production, and the final track, In My Heart, is an Urban AC track and has influences of Hip Hop and Soul.


The first/promo single was Tear It Up. However, the album version is different to the version released. The lead single from the album, Goody2woShoez, has been his second most successful track thus far, peaking at number 12 on the Uvumi Hot 100, number 5 on Uvumi's Uncategorised 100 and at the top spot on Uvumi's Hot 100 R&B. The single is due for a release in May. Caught Ya Slippin' which has thus far peaked at number 55 on the Uvumi Hot 100 was the initial second single. The third single will be Puppet, which has already peaked at number 8 on the Uvumi Hot 100, being his highest charting single. The track will be released on the 7th of May, followed by Million Miles Away, which gets released on the 27th of May. Forever (My Heart), which has already peaked at number 9 on the Uvumi Hot 100, gets a release on 25th of June 2012.


  1. 1a. Intro. 1b. Puppet.
  2. All The Love I Need
  3. Puppet (Reprise)
  4. Forever (My Heart)
  5. The Jungle (Who I Never Want To Be)
  6. Maybe
  7. Million Miles Away
  8. Tear It Up
  9. In My Heart (Wondering)