Barnesville, Ohio

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Barnesville was so named because it was settled by the family that had established Barnesville, Maryland. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries the town was the home of many affluent leaders in the area's tobacco, strawberry, and glass industries. The scenic portions of two highways, SR 147 and SR800, meet in Barnesville.

Barnesville Visitor Information Center: 300 E. Church ST, Barnesville, OH 43713. Phone 740.425.2301.

Barbara Barbe Doll Museum 211 Chestnut ST, displays more than 3,000 dolls from the noted doll collector and designer Barbara Barbe. The collection includes early bisque dolls, wax dolls, tin heads, hard plastics, and vinyls as well as more recent models by Ideal and Sun Rubber. Allow 1 hour minimum. Phone 740.425.2301.

Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum, 532 N. Chestnut ST, is a brick Romanesque-style house featuring 26 rooms elegantly appointed and furnished in the 1890s style. Allow 1 hour minimum. Guided tours are availabe by appointment. Phone 740.425.2926.