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Template:Infobox Software ArtRage is a bitmap graphics editor created by Ambient Design Ltd.

ArtRage, currently in version 2.5, is a painting package designed to be used with the Tablet PC, but it can be used with a regular mouse as well. Its mediums include tools such as oil paint, spray paint, pencil, acrylic, and others, using relatively realistic physics to simulate actual painting.

Other tools include tracing, smearing, blurring, mixing, different types of paper for the "canvas," (i.e. crumpled paper, smooth paper, wrinkled tin foil, etc) as well as other special effects.

ArtRage comes in two editions: A free version and a commercial Pro version with additional features.

File Type and Export

ArtRage uses a proprietary file type, ".ptg". However, images can be exported to formats such as PNG, JPEG and, in the Pro version, Adobe Photoshop's PSD format.

DPI Issues

A current bug when exporting files is DPI loss - for all file types except PSDs, the DPI is often reset at at lower level (For example, a 300 dpi PTG becomes a 96 dpi PNG).Template:Fact


It is now included in Microsoft's Experience Pack for the Tablet PC, in which it is called "Ink Art." It also comes bundled with several graphics tablets including some Wacom tablets.

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